10 years of Jab We Met: What happened to Geet and Aditya after Mauja Hi Mauja? Here’s what Imtiaz Ali reveals

10 years of Jab We Met, poke we met, imtiaz ali, kareena kapoor khan, shahid kapoor, shahid kapoor kareena kapoor khan10 years of Jab We Met, poke we met, imtiaz ali, kareena kapoor khan, shahid kapoor, shahid kapoor kareena kapoor khan Imtiaz Ali celebrates 10 years of Jab We Met.

On this date, 10 years ago, audiences left Geet Dhillon and Aditya Kashyap dancing their approach to a start of a life together. That Geet’s zing now resided in a cocoon of Aditya’s calmness, and he surrendered his worries to her giveaway spirit, filled a heart will calm and brought a grin to a face whenever we cruise about them. But what has a integrate been adult to in all these years? Has their tour remained as spacious as their kinship or have there been bumps along a approach overdue to their diametrically conflicting natures? As ‘Jab We Met’ completes a decade today, we ask a man, who combined their universe. Here’s what Imtiaz Ali thinks is function with Geet and Aditya, today.

“There would be a conditions (post Mauja Hi Mauja, a film’s final sequence) where Geet will be formulation her honeymoon, ferociously and very, really particularly. Aditya will be enjoying really most since Geet has always been a one to do a planning. They will go to certain places and she will have a really clever ordain and all of that… She will be really fluent about how she wants to live her life and a approach she wants to do unchanging things. It would be really good. But there would be one time, when they would outgrow that, and change and turn opposite since there would be a dispute where she will turn too expressive. Although Aditya will not complain, she will realize on her possess that she is overstepping and how it would be for her if Aditya was to act even for a day a approach she behaves with him, how rude it would be. That would totally change her and it would move about a certain majority in her, that usually complacency can give you,… She will sojourn like that (her aged self) though (she will learn) that it is probable for that kind of chairman to not be overbearing. That’s a training she has to do.”

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It’s a same suspicion that stops Imtiaz from bringing his imagination alive on screen, as he adds, “I have been asked many times to cruise creation a supplement to Jab We Met, though we don’t wish to since we don’t wish Geet to compromise. There will be a dispute between a dual and we don’t wish Geet to go by that. we wish her to keep strange nature, her purity.”

So, it is transparent ‘Jab We Met’ is a story Imtiaz does not wish to revisit. As for his personal attribute with a film, in his difference it is, “a friend, we spent time with though who changed away. we crave him though he does not go to me anymore.”

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