10 Things You Didn’t Know about Natalie Halcro


New Internet sensation, Natalie Halcro,  one of a women in the ban of E!’s new existence TV series, WAGS, is already origination definitely a clarity on viewers. The show, that is dedicated to following a lives of girlfriends and wives of apparent sum in a sports industry, is holding a new spin on a customary wife/girlfriend existence TV story line. As of now, it’s all about a girls! Although a expose is customarily a few episodes in, it competence spin one of a many renouned existence TV shows on a atmosphere howling to a enchanting ban members. But what’s so special about Natalie and a crew? Here are 10 things we didn’t know about Natalie Halcro.

She’s dating an NFL player

Like a other women on a show, Natalie Halcro is endangered with a maestro athlete. Whaler is now dating Denver Broncos linebacker, Shaun Phillips, and some fans have even dubbed her a esteem wife. While some competence see that as a compliment, hopefully her time on a expose will assistance her expose fans that she’s some-more than customarily a graceful face.

She’s from Canada

Some people competence cruise that Natalie is a California girl, given after all, she does have ‘the look.’ However, she’s indeed from Canada. While Canada was once generally deserted by Americans, over a final few years a cold republic has been thankful for introducing some of a biggest names in celebration including Justin Bieber and Drake.

There’s a tip to her decorous skin

Natalie Halcro’s has good skin. However, graphic many other people who mostly find themselves in a spotlight, she’ll be a initial to acknowledge that she’s unequivocally had a tiny assistance with her pure complexion. Natalie cites apparent dermatologist, Dr. Simon Ourian for aiding her get excluded of her “sun spots and dilate marks.” Apparently, Natalie undergoes some arrange of laser diagnosis that keeps her skin looking fresh.

She’s a succesful model

Even before a show, Natalie had already built a graceful substantial fan bottom howling to her career as a model. Natalie began displaying when she was customarily 12-years-old, and by a time she was 16 she already landed her initial critical agreement with NEXT displaying agency. When her displaying career, she relocated to New York City where her career continued to flourish. Over a years, she ripped run ways all over a star and finished a graceful substantial name for herself among heed lovers everywhere.

She’s been in commercials 

Being on WAGS is unequivocally not Natalie initial believe on-screen. Aside from fabrication ads and heed shows, Natalie also seemed in several commercials for companies including Mazda, Marshalls, and Old Navy. Only time will tell if being on a expose helps or hurts her career, yet her face and name will unequivocally be some-more recognizable.

She’s good attentive of a hierarchy on WAGS

If you’ve ever seen a existence expose that comforts wives and girlfriends, you’re almost good attentive that there’s mostly a bit of a appetite assault going on. Regardless of a situation, a wives mostly feel like they have a leg adult on a girlfriends, and have no problem shoving it in their faces any time a probability arises. As a ban member on WAGS, Natalie has means this arrange of thing initial hand. According to Natalie, “We’re kind of belittled by a marital station or skip thereof. And as women, that’s not what it’s all about.”

She’s a co-founder of a heed blog

Like many juvenile people who are confusing to make a name for themselves, Natalie Halcro has her palm in several pots. Along with her cousin, Olivia Pierson, Natalie co-founded a heed blog titled, Jerome that is a final name of their grandparents.

Her cousin is also on a show

Fortunately for Natalie, she won’t have to bargain with a prominence of a expose by herself. Her cousin, Olivia Pierson, is also a ban member, and there’s 0 softened than carrying family around in stressful situations. Hopefully a twin can get by a mellow yet expecting themselves in a core of too many drama. But existence TV unequivocally has a proceed of bringing out a set-back in even a nicest and many indifferent people.

Some of her fans cruise she was total on Photoshop 

If it looks too good to be true, it almost is, and when it comes to Natalie Halcro, some of her fans cruise she’s a tiny too ideal to be real. In fact many of her fans indeed trust that she Photoshops her photos before uploading them to a Internet. There are even several row play with posts dedicated to explanation that she doesn’t indeed feeling as good as she portrays herself.

She roughly has 37,000 supporters on Twitter

Natalie Halcro unequivocally doesn’t need WAGS to make her famous. Sure, being on a expose will unequivocally assistance her get her name and face out there even more, yet she was already graceful apparent yet it. Not customarily does she have perceptibly 37,000 supporters on Twitter, yet she also has a blue accurate check. Not too shabby.

image via https://twitter.com/LucyTregidgo

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