10 Memorable Quotes From a Spirit Awards: O.J. Simpson Joke, Oscars Jab, ‘Carol’ Parody and More

What Kate McKinnon, Ed Lachman and some-more had to contend during Saturday’s live telecast on IFC.

The 31st annual Film Independent Spirit Awards, hosted by Silicon Valley’s Kumail Nanjiani and Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon, featured star-studded presenters from Jessica Biel to Jason Segel to Mark Ruffalo in further to winners including Idris Elba and Brie Larson.

Here are 10 of a many noted quotes from a live promote on IFC (in no sold order):

“This is everything we can’t do during a Oscars. We’re going to peep some nip. We’re going to commission some people who aren’t white.” —  McKinnon during a opening monologue

Carol is a many constrained story of someone withdrawal their gloves behind given O.J. Simpson.” — McKinnon during a monologue

“The nominees [today] are some-more different than a leaflet for a magnanimous humanities college.” — Nanjiani during a monologue

“First we wish to contend awards are always unfair, either we win or we lose. … In a end, we wish this film is an echo, that we all have a right to adore and be loved.” — Ed Lachman while usurpation a endowment for best cinematography for Carol

“Sometimes a plan comes along that usually changes your whole life, and that was this for me.” — Marielle Heller while usurpation a endowment for best initial underline for The Diary of a Teenage Girl

“I’m rounding third and I’m streamer home, and approbation we am articulate about softball! … I’m a freakin’ lesbian and she’s about to be one, too.” — McKinnon during a satire of Carol

“[We] done this in 9 days during my mom’s house, and it stars my aunt. … [This was] a many pleasing knowledge of my life, and this is a pleasing approach to finish it.” — Trey Edward Shults while usurpation John Cassavetes Award for Krisha

“I adore being a usually one in a museum since it’s easier to hide in my therapy birds that way.” — Mckinnon during one of a skits

“First of all, no one ever tells we how shaken you’re going to be. … I had come from roughly nothing, and my life has did a sum 360. … we thought, this film is going to be zero though shit. … I’m so out of breath; we feel fat. … There is really pleasing trans talent … so we improved get out there and put it in your subsequent movie.” — Mya Taylor while apropos a initial transgender singer to accept a best ancillary womanlike endowment for Tangerine

“The abbreviation of film is not something that stops evolving.” — Laszlo Nemes while usurpation a endowment for best general film Son of Saul