1 of Disneyland’s Tastiest Snacks Is Now Available as a Friggin’ Doughnut!

Attention, Disney fans: this is NOT a drill! The dear Matterhorn macaroon cookie, shaped in a picture of Disneyland’s classical Matterhorn Bobsleds attraction, is strictly accessible in doughnut form. We’re articulate a full-on doughnut ornate in toasted coconut, a caramel drizzle, and plateau of a famous macaroons piled on top, accessible in singular batches during the Coffee Cart on Main Street for around $6.

Of course, a doughnut offerings are opposite day to day, so it’s a play if you’re usually visiting a park for one day. But for dedicated doughnut connoisseurs, deteriorate pass holders, and multiday visitors, it’s positively a inestimable bid to pitch by and range out a doughnut situation. Read on for photos of a delightfully sticky macaroon creations!