Zero: Petition filed opposite Shah Rukh Khan for ‘hurting’ eremite sentiments

zero posterzero poster Zero stars Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma.

A petition has been filed in a Bombay High Court seeking movement opposite actor Shah Rukh Khan and makers of a film Zero for allegedly spiteful sentiments of a Sikh community.

Petitioner Amritpal Singh Khalsa, an advocate, has sought movement opposite a actor and a film’s producers Gauri Khan and Karuna Badwal, executive Aanand L Rai, Red Chillies Entertainment Pvt Ltd and a Central Board for Film Certification’s (CBFC) chairperson and CEO.

The petition, filed on Tuesday, refers to a film’s trailer in that Shah Rukh is seen wearing a vest and shorts, with a wreath of Rs 500 records around his neck and a ‘kirpan’ in gatra tied diagonally opposite his body.

Khalsa took difference to this stage and referred to a chronological and informative significance of kirpan (a sword or tiny dagger carried by Sikhs).

In his petition, Khalsa pronounced a kirpan is ragged after holding ‘rehat maryada’ (conversion to Sikhism).

The petition has sought a instruction to a military to trigger movement opposite Shah Rukh and others underneath Indian Penal Code territory 295 (A), regarding to counsel and antagonistic acts dictated to snub eremite feelings or beliefs.

It has also sought a instruction to a bury house to cancel a movie’s certification, a instruction to a film’s makers to mislay a sold stage and an halt stay on a trailer.

The petition is expected to come adult for conference on Nov 19, according to a high court’s website.

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