Zendaya Tackles Sexism In The Workplace On ‘K.C. Undercover’ — Watch Sneak Peek

‘K.C. Undercover’ cunning be on Disney Channel, nonetheless it’s still focusing on a vicious issues — generally this week. HollywoodLife.com spoke exclusively to Zendaya and Veronica Dunne about this week’s episode, and watch a censor peek!


“It simply discusses and brings adult a emanate of sexism in a workplace that is something unquestionably common, generally when you’re in a domain of work where it’s mostly manly dominated,” Zendaya, 20, told HollywoodLife.com exclusively about this week’s special partial of K.C. Undercover. This week, K.C. goes surreptitious in a construction territory — and approval it’s mostly men.

“She realizes that she’s not looked during as an equal or as fair,” Zendaya said. “So she bands together with one of a ladylike co-workers and shows a appetite of women! It’s a cold storyline and also shows it in a storyline that’s still understandable and doesn’t go over kids’ heads.”


We also spoke with Veronica Dunne, about Marisa and K.C.’s arc this week — Marisa wants to be a perspective and K.C. doesn’t cruise she’s prepared or necessarily, intelligent enough. While Marisa has approved she’s not book smart, this is something she believes she can do. This is something Veronica indeed can report to.

“When we was during disseminate we didn’t unquestionably defence myself all a time. A lot of people didn’t indispensably cruise we was book intelligent given we didn’t have a best grades. It was customarily given we wasn’t prying in some of a things being taught. we had a lot of other unusual interests,” Veronica told us. “It’s vicious to know we cunning not indispensably report to some classes or subjects nonetheless other things we cunning be unquestionably means at. Just given people don’t cruise you’re intelligent doesn’t meant we can’t hoop a conditions and doesn’t meant we aren’t smart. Marisa’s unquestionably intelligent low down.”

In a proud censor demeanour above, we see a organisation in a construction territory picking on K.C. — and her inching closer to her defilement point. Naturally, she has her tutor in her ear explanation her not to blow it. She’s forced to apologize even nonetheless she of course, didn’t do anything and was a actual victim of being picked on, nonetheless there’s no one to behind her up.

Season 3 of K.C. Undercover airs every Friday during 8:30PM ET on Disney Channel.

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