Zedd’s Sweet Confession To Ex Selena Gomez: I’m Here For You ‘No Matter What’

Zedd and Selena Gomez’ prohibited partnership during Jingle Ball was particularly business; there’s zero going on between a exes, though Zedd wanted to make something transparent to his former flame. Even if they aren’t together, he’s always going to take caring of her. How sweet!

After Selena Gomez and Zedd‘s powerhouse opening during Z-100’s Jingle Ball NYC on Dec 11, Zedd had something critical to tell his ex. Though there aren’t any leftover feelings between a two, he wanted her to know that he cares about her deeply, according to an insider who spoke to HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY, and he betrothed that he’ll always be there for her!

“Selena and Zedd have talked about their duet for a while,” a insider told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “They have been during a few Jingle Balls together and they speak and hang out. There is no awkwardness whatsoever. He has told Selena that he is there for her no matter what since he knows she needs a crony some-more than anything right now as she transitions by relocating on from Justin [Bieber] and saying if she should continue with Niall [Horan]. Selena is during a crossroads right now that she has to figure out, and it is tough to do all of it while in a spotlight.”

Amazing! When Zedd brought Selena out on theatre to sing their strike “I Want You To Know,” it was huge warn for everybody in a audience. We all had a fingers crossed that it would happen, though critical doubts after no-shows during a other Jingle Ball shows. It turns out they were only amping adult for a genuine deal! And as seen in their affectionate print taken backstage after a show, they were anxious to be there together. You can buy Selena and Zedd’s singular RIGHT HERE!

Zedd even called her his “little Mexican taco;” in a print heading regulating a pet name unequivocally seems like a pointer of being tighten again, doesn’t it? It’s not too startling that Zedd and Selena are growing closer as friends right now. There were no tough feelings after their breakup; they only couldn’t make it work with their jointly bustling schedules.

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They’re only friends, though now that they’re closer, is there anything Selena’s new man Niall should worry about? “When it comes to Zedd, positively not! They had their impulse and it is particularly friendship. Nothing more, zero less!” a insider told us. Good to know! Zedd knows improved than anyone what Selena’s been going through, and she could unequivocally use a pal!

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HollywoodLifers, do we consider there’s something some-more between Selena Zedd? Tell us in a comments!