Zach Seabaugh Voted Off The Voice 2015: Season 9 Episode 25 ‘Live Semi-Final Results’ 12/8/15!

Zach Seabaugh Voted Off The Voice 2015: Season 9 Episode 25 'Live Semi-Final Results' 12/8/15!

Zach Seabaugh has been separated from The Voice, Season 9. The hip wiggling teen heartthrob might have seemed like a plain choice for a finals, though it all came crashing down tonight. The foe is only too unbending this year and Zach Seabaugh was voted off The Voice.

Team Blake’s Zach Seabaugh is still in high propagandize and, in a final year or so, has incited divided from posterior sports and set his sights on music, removing concerned with low-pitched museum during Kennesaw Mountain High School behind home in Georgia.

Zach might have deserted a gridiron for The Voice foe stage, though it’s satisfactory to contend that even after Zach Seabaugh was separated from The Voice, his nation crooning career will still happen. He’s driven a ladies furious time and again with his dance moves.

Plus both his manager Blake and opposition manager Adam Levine have been wowed by a 17-year old’s well-spoken baritone. In fact, Adam lamented that his voice is nowhere nearby that low and he can do a high notes, though not a low like a teen singer.

Seabaugh has finished will with nation standards though his cover final week of Queen’s Crazy Little Thing Called Love was nowhere nearby as desirous as a original. This week, for a semi-finals round, Zach chose a nation strike with Miley Cyrus’ The Climb.

He did a poetic pursuit and it was most improved than final week’s Queen cover, though it was not adequate to save Zach from being voted off a existence singing show. Zach landed in a series 9 mark on iTunes overnight good behind Jordan Smith who landed during series one – with a some-more desirous Queen cover.

Zach had a final embankment shot with a Instant Save and he sang “Live Like You Were Dying” by Tim McGraw. He did a plain job, though it was not good adequate to corner out Jeffery Austin who brought down a residence with Ed Sheeran’s “Make It Rain.”

Blake’s chances of pulling out nonetheless another win as The Voice’s best manager now rest on other shoulders. We only wish that Blake will take a teen singing expert behind to Nashville with him and offshoot him adult with a recording contract. Otherwise, it’s behind to high school. Good fitness Zach!