YouTuber Adam Blampied apologises for ‘manipulating’ women

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Blampied was best-known as a presenter for a What Culture Wrestling YouTube channel, that has over a million subscribers

Adam Blampied, a distinguished YouTube video blogger, has expelled an reparation for “manipulating” women into promulgation him images on amicable media.

“To everybody I’ve hurt… I’m so sorry,” said a former What Culture worker in a statement on Wednesday.

He apologised to those women he regularly messaged and speedy to “send me images of themselves”.

Eleven mins after a matter was released, an particular purported Blampied asked her to “send him nudes”.

Blampied presented videos for What Culture on YouTube until Sep 2017, when he split association with a organisation. His new employers, Cultaholic, told a BBC he is incompetent to be reached for comment.

Peter Willis, Director of What Culture Limited, told a BBC Blampied’s depart “was not related to a array of Twitter messages that were published [on Wednesday], nor were we wakeful of any of a events within those tweets until reading Adam’s possess statement.

“What Culture definitely condemns all passionate harassment, rapacious poise and abuses of position and power.”

‘In a end, we relented’

Shortly after Blampied’s statement, an particular – @SRbackwards – purported on Twitter a YouTuber asked her for bare images, job him “a manipulative passionate predator”.

“Knowing that we was 19, drunk, intimately fresh and had dignified objections to promulgation him nudes, he continued to try to convince me,” they posted.

“In a end, we relented.

“He was charming, he was a face of a YouTube channel and I’d been a fan of him for a while.”

Using clever language, she added: “He done me feel so good about myself for about 6 hours, afterwards he done me feel like complete shit for months.”

‘Don’t conflict a women’

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End of Twitter post by @AdamTheBlampied

Blampied has given done a fibre of comments on Twitter, propelling his supporters on Thursday: “Please don’t conflict a women for vocalization out.

“They have been hurt, by me.

“Please don’t publicly jump to my counterclaim on this. My poise doesn’t aver it.

“The purpose of this was not to forgive myself, though since it’s what a women deserve, for a wider open to see my behaviour.

“Please be kind and bargain to a women. More than we was.”