YouTube Comedian Becomes Mayor Of Hell (Michigan) & Immediately Bans All Straight People From Entering!

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If Donald Trump can spin president, anything is possible!

That’s what fervent YouTube comedian Elijah Daniel to start a domestic career of his possess — which, twin days later, resulted in suitable a verbatim Mayor of Hell!

No, this bizarre, Faustian Twitter story isn’t adopt news.

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It all began with an enchanting theory: if a existence star could simply spin president, a YouTuber like Elijah could usually as simply reason a revoke domestic office.

So, he went to work, and started a grassroots mutation of “calling towns seeking to let me be their mayor.” Two days later, he succeeded, and on Aug 30 became a executive Mayor of Hell, Michigan!

We shit we not! Here’s a proof:

Mayor Elijah’s initial method of business? To announce that “eating dickey is dope,” obviously.

After that, he became a initial mayor to aversion heterosexuals from entering his town:

Ha! Now that’s a ride aversion we can get behind!

Sadly, Mayor Elijah’s argumentative policies and counterfeit statements led to a sleet of his domestic career. The unequivocally same day, he announced his impeachment, writing:

Sad — yet during smallest he’ll go down in story as a masculine who Made Hell Gay Again!

[Image around Elijah Daniel/Twitter.]

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