Your Favorite Cookie Company Just Released Hot Cocoa Cookies

Chips Ahoy! only expelled a brand-new, limited-edition holiday flavor: prohibited cocoa with a fudge core and marshmallow “chips.” It sounded extraordinary . . . though could it presumably ambience anything like a dear Winter beverage?

We collected cookie fanatics around a bureau to try a chewy fudge cookies. Upon opening a package, an greatly sentimental aroma of finished prohibited cocoa (with mini marshmallows) filled a air. So far, so good.

Chips Ahoy! endorsed microwaving a cookies for 7 seconds, so how could we resist? Upon initial bite, ambience testers described a cookies as a cranky between s’mores-flavored Pop-Tarts and Lucky Charms marshmallows. For some, this combo couldn’t be better! For others, they craved something reduction sugary. Despite a complaints, a cookies remarkably tasted of prohibited cocoa and would be even improved dipped in a potion of cold milk.

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