Young Indian scientist wins World Health Summit Startup endowment in Berlin

Roopam Sharma (Photo: UNESCO Youth Forum)

Roopam Sharma, a 23-year aged Indian scientist, won a World Health Summit Startup award, 2018 for his invention, Manovue – a world’s initial intelligent personal assisting complement for a visually impaired. Sharma was awarded during an annual eventuality of a health limit in Berlin recently.

Manovue eliminates a need for Braille denunciation to interpret a printed content and instead combines prophesy comprehension to assistance a visually marred people read. Manovue was also awarded a Microsoft Imagine Cup 2015 and Yahoo Accenture Innovation Jockeys deteriorate 4.

Besides abundant awards and recognition, Roopam is also listed in a UNESCO Youth forum and Innovators underneath 35. He is famous for his socially viable innovations that mix synthetic intelligence.

“Manovue fundamentally functions as a wearable glove and integrated mobile phone app, that enables a user to review any printed content by relocating his/her finger over a text,” a 10th UNESCO Youth Forum quotes him as saying.

He is a youngest chairman to be famous as one of a tip innovators underneath 35 by a MIT Tech Review in 2016. An engineering alumnus of Manav Rachna, Roopam was conferred with a National Youth Award by a President of India in Jan this year. In his attempt to move a change in society, Roopam has noted a space for himself as a girl icon.

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