Young engineer brings child abuse, women trafficking issues on LFW ramp

lakme conform week, Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) Winter/Festive 2017, Sumiran Kabir Sharma, Sonagachilakme conform week, Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) Winter/Festive 2017, Sumiran Kabir Sharma, Sonagachi Sumiran Kabir Sharma’s line, desirous by a red light area of Sonagachi, happened with an random automobile ride.

Sumiran Kabir Sharma, one of a Gen Next designers during a Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) Winter/Festive 2017, displayed a choice that was some-more than only “beautiful dresses” here on Wednesday. Sharma, a artistic executive of a code Anaam, says his line was desirous by a red light area of Sonagachi and he wanted to concentration courtesy on amicable issues like child abuse and women’s trafficking by his clothes.

“That was a partial of my impulse and research… a lot of children and women are abused and trafficked, so we attempted to move that into… fashion… as a cause,” Sharma told IANS. He says that he will always cover amicable causes in his work.

“It’s an reliable collection and amicable causes are always a partial of code Anaam. Fashion is suggestive and it’s not only about wearing a pleasing dress and going out. If we can save… children from passionate abuse, afterwards there is zero like that,” he said.

Talking about how this thought came into being, he pronounced it all happened with an random automobile ride. “My impulse was Sonagachi. An random cab float took me to this area and we was vacant to see women who were some-more like warriors. So we took that impulse and brought in my garments by balmy fabrics and textures,” he said.

Sharma has been doing his bit of amicable work with CRY and other tiny women-oriented NGOs. “We try and speak to children and explain what is a good hold and bad touch, and we feel for it,” he said.

Day one of LFW started with a Gen Next show, where detached from code Anaam, 4 other brands showcased their designs. The other new faces were Akshat Bansal, Deepak Pathak, Shenali Sema N’ Rinzin Lama and Saaksha Parekh and Kinnari Kamat.

They displayed sundry designs, some of that were in asymmetrical patterns focussing on knots, while others displayed black as their thesis in opposite patterns.

The Gen Next shred of LFW has formerly given a attention names like Rahul Mishra, Masaba Gupta, Aneeth Arora and Nachiket Barve. Barve was seen appreciating a works of these new faces, along with maestro engineer Manish Malhotra.


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