You’ll Sing and Dance Like Lumiere With This Beauty and a Beast Le Creuset Pot

One of a many iconic scenes in Beauty and a Beast is a huge feast prepared for Belle by a dancing dishes, cups, and spoons as they sing “Be Our Guest.” All of us wish we could have a dish as enchanting as that one, and now we can come one step closer interjection to Le Creuset. The cookware code combined a overwhelming limited-edition Beauty and a Beast soup pot ($280) as an paper to the new Disney film.

The cobalt blue, cast-iron pot includes a lid with a hand-applied appliqué: roses and a vine summarized in gold. The stainless-steel bullion doorknob is engraved with a difference “Be Our Guest,” that is certain to make any Disney-lover swoon.

The product is really an investment during scarcely $300, though it would be a ideal wedding benefaction for any Belle-obsessed bride or worldly Disney collector.