You’ll Never F*ck Up Cake Slices Again With This Genius Cake Server

Cake Server

We’ve all been there before: we go to cut into a cake or a pie, and as shortly as a blade slides through, a whole square of fritter starts to crumble. Yeah, it’s one of a misfortune nightmares too. But now, interjection to this superefficient cake server, you’ll never have to hurt a ideally good square of cake again.

The Magisso Cake Server by Maria Kivijarvi, shown in a video above, promises to make dessert presentations pleasing again by gripping sliced fritter pieces in tact regulating a elementary method. All we have to do is press a immaculate steel server into your desserts and kindly fist while lifting out what will be a flawless square of cake (or pie) to put on your plate.

The talent kitchen apparatus comes in several colors such as orange green, low purple, and black, and is now on sale during Amazon for $14. Bakers, if this sounds like a dream come loyal for you, afterwards this cake server is a apparatus you’ll really wish in your arsenal. So long, crumbled cake slices!