You Simply MUST Hear Donald Trump Dubbed With A Sophisticated British Accent, Dahling!

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This might be a many extraordinary thing you’ll see today!

Donald Trump is rather famous for doing and observant things that could make him seem like a bigot… though what if he did all that shameful stuff with a proper, worldly British accent?!

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Well, it turns out he still sounds like a rubbish person… though a accent — achieved by shining impression actor Peter Serafinawicz (Shaun Of The Dead, Guardians of a Galaxy) — is unequivocally something!

Ch-ch-check out this INCREDIBLE dubbed chronicle of British Trump (below)!!!


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Yes, if we are wondering, a difference are all verbatim to what Real Trump indeed pronounced in that TV shred — it’s only a chapter that’s changed.

But don’t worry, Britain! We know Trump is ours and we can’t guaranty him off on you, interesting accent or not…

[Image around YouTube.]

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