‘You Choose’ (‘L’Embarras du choix’): Film Review | COLCOA 2017

Alexandra Lamy stars alongside Arnaud Ducret and Jamie Bamber in Eric Lavaine’s latest feature.

Writer-director Eric Lavaine earnings reduction than a year after his 2016 dramedy Back to Mom’s (Retour chez matriarch mere) surfaced a French box bureau with You Choose (L’Embarras du choix), a self-consciously quirky regretful comedy. Lavaine has done a specialty of lightsome fare, yet adopts such a extended tinge for his newest underline that it’s doubtful to interest to American tastes, nonetheless European audiences might infer some-more receptive.

Part of a emanate is a extravagance of a premise, that facilities a protagonist who’s meant to seem unpredictably flaky, yet comes off as emotionally dysfunctional. Even during a age of 40, Juliette (Alexandra Lamy) stays chronically indecisive, to a indicate that her inability to make choices consistently disrupts her personal life. Fortunately, she works for her father Richard (Lionnel Astier) handling his tiny Paris bistro and feels excellent about him creation many vital decisions for her. Her best friends, hair stylist Joelle (Anne Marivin) and conform image Sonia (Sabrina Ouazani), assistance her name suitable hairstyles and wardrobes, so that Juliette frequency needs to confirm anything for herself. However, after her beloved breaks things off with her since of her consistent vacillations, a rejecting sends Juliette into a sum tailspin.

After some sensitive TLC, Joelle and Sonia get Juliette behind on her feet by assisting her set adult a Tinder account, yet their best efforts usually emanate serve disharmony when she manages to accommodate lovable with a wrong man. A Scottish landowner visiting Paris on business, Paul (Jamie Bamber) creates no bid to daunt Juliette, yet after a regretful weekend together convinces her that she’s found a one, he drops a bomb: He’s indeed intent to marry his British swain within months. Although she reluctantly sends him packing, Juliette ends adult down in a dumps again, with Sonia and Joelle attempting to assistance her rally.

Her event arrives during a rough lakeside party, where a inebriated Juliette assures Joelle that she’ll pounce on a subsequent masculine attack a catering spread. Luckily, he turns out to be large and desirable Etienne (Arnaud Ducret), a apparent cook who’s also a connoisseur of a same culinary propagandize as her father, so Dad’s capitulation fast seals a understanding and Juliette is unexpected behind on tip of her game. Then Paul unexpected resurfaces, presenting Juliette with a many paralyzing set of choices she’s ever confronted. With a stakes fast escalating, she’ll need to make a wilful integrity about her destiny or else face a inauspicious consequences of her unreasoning indecision.

Despite an appealing cast, Lavaine lays on his multiple of dumb amusement and cloying intrigue rather too thickly, digest a gags most too apparent for American audiences accustomed to a some-more distributed proceed adored by R-rated comedies of this variety. Lamy, who also co-starred in Back to Mom’s, possesses no necessity of comedic credentials, that she utilizes to rather repeated outcome via a film. Although she’s clearly during a forgiveness of a book by Lavaine and co-writers Laure Hennequart and Laurent Turner, all of a self-pitying tears and raging earthy comedy turn a bit burdensome to watch as any new predicament provokes an roughly matching greeting from Juliette.

The masculine characters seem some-more stereotypically grounded, nonetheless Ducret comes opposite as small some-more than generically amusing. British actor Bamber unequivocally connects though, switching facilely between French and English with a wink laugh as he deftly attracts Juliette into reconsidering his joining to her.

Lavine clearly has a apt hold with comedy, quite in his rapport with actors, so it’s not improbable that an arriving film could cranky over with American audiences, yet it will need to be improved attuned to stateside sensibilities than You Choose.

Production companies: Sombrero Films, Atelier de Production

Cast: Alexandra Lamy, Arnaud Ducret, Jamie Bamber, Anne Marivin, Sabrina Ouazani, Jerome Commandeur, Lionnel Astier

Director: Eric Lavaine

Screenwriters: Laure Hennequart, Laurent Turner, Eric Lavaine

Producers: Alain Benguigui , Thomas Verhaeghe

Director of photography: Francois Hernandez

Costume designer: Aurore Pierre

Editor: Vincent Zuffranieri

Music: Fabien Cahen

Venue: COLCOA French Film Festival

Sales: Pathe Distribution


Not rated, 97 minutes




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