Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9 Nov 2017 full part created update: Aaliya tells Ishita that Simmi, Param are determining a business and family

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Ishita says to Ashok that Raman should’ve possibly hugged her or would’ve pushed her though a approach he behaved is really strange. She is disturbed because he asked her who all are in her family. Ashok says it contingency be like that though she says this doubt shows something is wrong.

Simmi tells Param that she didn’t wish to hurt a assembly as their business is in need of supports though she is behind and she is fearful what if Ishita comes to know about what they both have been doing to Raman. Param says zero of this arrange will occur and she should continue doing what she has been doing to Raman. Param says they all are underneath a weight of their favours. Simmi says she wants to hurt Ishita’s children and wants to see them failing in pain. Param says he’ll arrange it out.

Param takes Santoshi, Mr Bhalla and Romi to Iyer’s residence and Santoshi asks her what they are formulation by promulgation their daughter after Raman in Budapest. Madhu says they have no thought Ishita is in Budapest and Param says how should they trust them. Bala asks them to leave and Romi apologizes to them and they all leave. Param wonders Ishita is formulation something.

Aaliya apologizes to Aadi and asks him to share his tragedy with her and he tells her that Ishita is in Budapest. Ishita is deliberating with Ashok and Ashok says now on analysing all this even he feels Raman’s function is strange.

Yeh Hai Mohabattein

Yeh Hai Mohabattein

Shagun asks Raman if he felt ungainly with Ishita and he says no though he found it bizarre that because Ishita is with Ashok. He says he review on internet about Ashok and found that he isn’t a good man. Shagun asks because would he have to review about him on internet when Simmi comes there and asks Raman to have his dose. Shagun asks how prolonged will a remedy continue as it’s been prolonged and basin sip reduces with time. Simmi says she is doing what alloy has told her and if a alloy asks to revoke a sip she will.

Ashok says to Ishita that they’ll have to devise something and she’ll need to speak to Raman in private. Ishita calls Raman and Simmi answers his phone, Raman says he needs to take a call though she asks him to have a medicine. Ishita asks Simmi to give a phone to Raman though Simmi says a assembly is over and if there is anything to be discussed their bureau people will hit her and disconnects.

Ishita says to Ashok that how can Simmi control Raman’s life to this border as Raman would never let anyone hold his phone. Aaliya comes there and says all is changed. Aaliya tells her that a whole family is cracked and Aadi too. She says he doesn’t even know where he stands in a family as Simmi and Param are determining a residence and a business. She tells her that Raman has been influenced misfortune and explains her everything.

Ishita says all is so altered and what she can see is that even they all don’t know a whole thing. She says she isn’t removing how do she assistance Raman when Simmi is determining everything. Aaliya tells her that they all are going to some painter’s marketplace and she’ll somehow conduct to make her accommodate raman for a while. Ishita says that’ll be ideal though asks her to make certain no one gets to know about this. Aaliya says she knows she’ll make it all good and leaves.

Ishita says Simmi is a reason her family is so cracked and she has damaged everybody from inside though she can’t let her play with her family and it’s her guarantee to her family.

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