Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15 Nov 2017 full part created update: Ishita confronts Simmi

 Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15 Nov 2017 full part created update Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15 Nov 2017 full part created update Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15 Nov 2017 full part created update: Aadi asks Aaliya when will she know things.

Mani gives a change volume to a questionable male and asks him to make certain that he doesn’t come opposite Aaliya ever again. Mani leaves and a male goes to a other list and gives a income to Param. Param says he and Simmi will make certain that Aaliya meets him again for money.

Aaliya asks Ruhi if she had a good time and she asks where are Ishita and Mr. Raman Bhalla. Aadi says she can atleast call him pappy when he isn’t around. She says she likes to call people with their bizarre names. Aadi says Raman calls him manager and he isn’t well. He says Raman doesn’t remember many of a things.

Ruhi says he doesn’t remember things now though when he threw Nikhil out of her life, he was well. She says he done Param to chuck her out of her business and done Param not let her accommodate him even once. She says if he doesn’t wish to be her father afterwards even she doesn’t need him and leaves. Aadi goes after her though Aaliya stops him and thinks that Ruhi is right and she suffered a lot and she remembers that Simmi and Param didn’t let her accommodate Raman and she thinks she contingency tell this to Ishita.

Ishita asks Raman if he has a silver as she has listened that if we make a wish here afterwards it is believed that a wish comes true. Raman gives her a silver and asks if she believes in all this and Ishita says there is an ignorance in these believes and there should be a faith to make spectacle to happen. She creates a wish and throws a coin. Raman wonders since he is feeling a tie with her and when Ishita asks him that they can leave he says he should also try her faith and creates a wish.

There Romi is sitting with a bottle of whiskey when Mr Bhalla strech there and says he won’t improvise ever. Romi says he is feeling guilty and is wondering if he hadn’t been dipsomaniac that night afterwards he wouldn’t have indulged in that mistake with Pooja and all this wouldn’t have happened. Mr Bhalla says he needs to speak to Mihika though he would need someone’s help. Romi says Bala is prepared to assistance them though Mr Bhalla says Bala won’t be adequate though asks him to ask Bala to accommodate him.

Ishita and Raman are in a grill and Ishita asks what he would like to have and Raman says palak paneer. Ishita asks what else he likes and he says cholle with sambhar chutney. He says it’s bizarre though he doesn’t know how he likes it. Aaliya and Aadi come there along with Ruhi and Aadi says he saw their Segway parked outward so they got in. Ishita gives a menu to Ruhi though she passes it to Aadi.

Raman starts acid for his pills in his slot when Simmi and Shagun come there and Simmi gives a pills to Raman. Ishita asks him if he can equivocate a pills though he says no and have it. Ishita asks Simmi to come out as she wants to speak to her about some business associated matter and given a atmosphere here is family form she would cite to speak outside. Simmi says let’s eat something and afterwards they’ll speak though Ishita says a critical and Raman asks Simmi to go.

Aaliya asks Aadi out and asks him since did he have to have Simmi and Shagun there and Aadi says what’s wrong in that. Aadi gets a call from Mani who tells him that he has paid a income to a male though Aadi asks since did he compensate additional and Mani says he wanted to set it off once and for all. Mani asks him to speak to Aaliya.

Aadi asks Aaliya when will she know a things and tells her that a people she has borrowed income from have reached her residence though Mani managed somehow. He says it would be improved if everybody had famous about it. Aaliya says contemptible and says she won’t do this again. Aadi says he can’t trust her and she herself have done him to not adore her. Aaliya says there is no indicate of being in a attribute when there is no trust and adore and says they should finish it and walks on.

Ishita asks Simmi what she thinks she is doing and says a pills are creation Raman remove his memory. Simmi says she knows and that’s since she is giving them to him. Ishita asks how can she harm her hermit and Simmi says she is doing this to see her harm and she can see she has succeeded.

Ishita says she wasn’t like this and how has she incited this approach and asks if a since of Param. Simmi asks her not call out his name or else she’ll stop her face. Ishita asks her to stop it or else her family will not find her value for even spitting on when Raman comes there and asks Ishita how can she speak to his sister like this and asks her to apologize to her.

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