Yarmouth: Winner Mandarin Princess was indeed stablemate Millie’s Kiss

An review is to be carried out after a ‘wrong horse’ won a competition during Great Yarmouth during contingency of 50-1.

The two-year-old Mandarin Princess, lerned by Charlie McBride, was announced leader of a competition during 13:40 BST after violence favourite Fyre Cay.

But a indicate thereafter identified a equine as three-year-old stablemate Millie’s Kiss, who had been due to run in a after race.

Stewards referred a matter to a British Horseracing Authority.

The outcome strictly stands for betting purposes, though some bookmakers have pronounced they will compensate out on a horses finishing initial and second.

A news released by a British Horseracing Authority said: “The indicate identified a equine to be Millie’s Kiss, a trainer’s other curtain in competition four.

“They (the stewards) interviewed a trainer, a fast groom, a veterinary officer and a equine gratification firmness officer obliged for a sampling unit.

“Having listened their justification they referred a matter to a conduct bureau of a British Horseracing Authority and systematic Millie’s Kiss to be cold from competition four.”

More to follow