X-O-X-WHOA! Ed Westwick Says He’s ‘Still Not Sure’ Who Gossip Girl Was?!

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Hey Ed Westwick… remember that one time we were on Gossip Girl?

In a extensive underline for Vanity Fair celebrating the 10th anniversary of The CW cult classic, a Brit certified he *SPOILER ALERT* didn’t know that Dan (played by Penn Badgley) was suggested to be a blogger spilling all a secrets of a Upper East Side elite.

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The opening wrote:

“Someone should let Ed Westwick know about a Dan reveal, though. The actor e-mailed me, in response to a doubt about favorite plotlines or memories from filming: ‘I still am not certain who GG was lol.'”

Um. WHAT? You were literally right there in a stage when it was revealed?!!

We just…

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If you’re GG spooky like we are, we rarely advise reading a full essay HERE.


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