Wynonna Judd Cancels Concert Due To ‘Serious Medical Emergency’

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This is so frightful to hear!!!

Wynonna Judd reportedly had a “serious medical emergency” on Saturday night and it forced her during a final notation to behind out from a unison in Portland, Maine.

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The performer was ostensible to go on theatre during a Aura nightclub in Portland late final night, and things got distant adequate for her opening rope to get on a theatre and start to perform, though only mins before she was set to go out to a crowd, Wynonna had to behind down.

Her prolongation manager came out on theatre abruptly and announced that a thespian had a “medical emergency” and was incompetent to perform.

Here’s a engaging thing, though: law coercion sources say that someone did call 9-1-1, and a glow dialect and initial responders showed adult quickly, though they did NOT take Wynonna to a hospital.

It appears to have been her call… that is, she was a one who pronounced she did not wish to go to a hospital.

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We still don’t know what a medical puncture indeed was, though we’ll keep we updated as necessary.

Scary — anticipating for a best, the prayers are with Wynonna to feel improved soon!

[Image around Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN.]

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