Wyclef Jean Says He Was ‘Scared For His Life’ & Calls For ‘Formal Investigation Into Racial Profiling’ After Being Mistakenly Detained In LA

Wyclef Jean

Wyclef Jean is vocalization out about his frightful confront with a police in West Hollywood in a early hours of Tuesday morning.

ICYMI, a thespian was pulled over after cops matched his car and outline from a reported armed spoliation during a circuitously gas station. He was incarcerated in shackles for 6 minutes, allegedly but any thought of what was going on, before being released. The genuine suspects were after found and arrested only a few blocks away.

On Wednesday, a 47-year-old went on Good Morning America to tell his side of a story, and to call for a grave review into secular profiling.

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He told Robin Roberts:

“For me, this is bigger than a black and white issue.”


“I got a possibility to see what happens with a citizen contra a military initial hand. we have to tell you, we was frightened for my life.”

Listen to Wyclef fact accurately what happened from his viewpoint (below)!


[Image around ABC.]

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