WWE Talking Smack Live Coverage: Superstars React To WWE Hell In A Cell

Welcome to WrestlingINC’s live coverage of WWE Talking Smack. Tonight’s uncover will summation all a large matches from WWE Hell In A Cell and some of a victors from those matches. Join Renee Young and Peter Rosenberg as they reanimate a once renouned post-show for all a HIAC fallout.

Guests to embody Baron Corbin, AJ Styles, and The Usos.

– Renee Young and Peter Rosenberg acquire us to a uncover and share a same startle and astonishment as us after that categorical event. They speak about a movement of Sami Zayn, who pulled Kevin Owens divided from a dungeon dive of Shane McMahon. They speak about a family issues during palm and indicate out what Vince and Stephanie might be thinking.

– As Renee runs down a guest list, new United States Champion Baron Corbin barges in with his new belt in tow. He says no matter how it happened, he still won. Wouldn’t have mattered if he pinned Styles or Dillinger, a outcome would’ve been a same with or though a triple threat. Corbin says it feels good to be means to wear a pretension around his waist. Corbin blames John Cena for all a chants he’s been removing newly and some of his new diagnosis and says he’ll get his possibility during him again one day. When asked where he goes from here, Corbin says he’s certain Styles will substantially wish his rematch and Dillinger will somehow consider he deserves another shot. Corbin talks about a keyboard warriors who give him a tough time on amicable media and this is his “told ya so” to them and a locker room. Corbin says he doesn’t honour anyone backstage and for everybody to get in line to take it.

– Young says to be on a surveillance for updates on Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens damage updates. They afterwards give Corbin slight acclamation for a win, even yet he took advantage of an open opportunity.

– The Usos join a show. They ask where Daniel Bryan is, as many of us have asked a same question. Rosenberg throws Renee underneath a train and says he picked them to win and Young picked New Day. Rosenberg points out that a dungeon resembles a “penitentiary.” One Uso with a bag of ice on his forearm. They summation highlights of a compare and tell stories of home with a famed Rikishi. Usos legitimately give a New Day props for a match. They get their Booker T on and strike a “five time” chant. Rosenberg points out how unapproachable Usos should be of their latest run. They contend they haven’t changed, though people have been sleeping on them. They indicate out they’ve been in WWE a prolonged time. They do a bit of an “IWC” form sense to indicate out what “we” might have suspicion about them. They conduct out in celebration.

– A beaten and saddened AJ Styles join a show. Styles pronounced Corbin’s strategy wouldn’t have worked if Dillinger wasn’t in a match. Styles says he had Dillinger in position, afterwards Corbin stole a win. He consider Dillinger deserved a match, though hatred it happened tonight. Wanted to learn Corbin a lesson, one-on-one. Styles puts over a whole uncover and register and calls this one of a improved PPV’s in WWE. Styles says he wants to plead his rematch proviso as shortly as possible. They spin a review to Owens/Zayn/McMahon. Styles would have been excellent with KO squashing Shane on a table, and wondered because Zayn did what he did. Styles says there’s always a ground to one’s actions, though is confused by Sami’s actions. He afterwards backpedals a bit and says he’d support Shane to take on Sami and KO if he needs a bit of help. Styles finishes adult by observant he might demeanour for his rematch this Tuesday on SD Live and afterwards go after a WWE Championship to have a pretension for any shoulder.

– Styles tools ways and Renee and Peter tell us goodnight to finish a show.

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