WWE Talking Smack Live Coverage: Jinder Mahal, Shinsuke Nakamura, Zack Ryder, And Mojo Rawley Join

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Renee Young and JBL acquire us to a uncover as they get into a MITB ladder matches. Renee talks about JBL carrying a ladder compare opposite Jeff Hardy, JBL says he’s fearful of heights.

Shinsuke Nakamura joins a show.

Nakamura starts off vocalization in Japanese, afterwards moves to a subject of him climbing a ladder to finish off SmackDown, that was a initial time he did that. He says says it was a bit wobbly. JBL asks how could he ready for this Sunday’s compare and Nakamura says he needs to go to Home Depot and practice. He continues that he wanted to come to WWE to do new things and a ladder compare is something new for him. Nakamura talks about how doesn’t devise his entrance, it’s how he feels. Renee asks about any of his MITB opponents, he says Owens and Zayn both speak to much. Ziggler, he thinks could do good in Japan interjection to his wrestling ability. Moving to AJ Styles, he says is a “Perfect 100″ (after observant Tye Dillinger is a “Perfect 10″) and wants to take him on again in WWE. JBL asks if AJ is a best Nakamura has ever faced. Nakamura says he loves AJ’s character in a ring. Lastly, Baron Corbin, who he says doesn’t have ladder experience, though he has distance to make adult for that. Nakamura talks about surfing and how he hung out a bit with James Ellsworth before withdrawal a show.

Renee and JBL get into when Superstars should confirm to money in a contract. JBL says it’s unequivocally only adult to a Star, either they wait for months or money it in a same night. They pierce to a women’s MITB Ladder Match and JBL says Natalya is a dim horse.

The Hype Bros join a show.

Ryder says it’s 7 months to a day given his knee injury. Ryder talks about his liberation and something called a “Squatty Potty.” Ryder talks about how Mojo had his impulse when he won a Andre a Giant Battle Royal and reminds everybody that he won a series one contender mark for a group when he blew his knee out. Ryder pronounced he he harm his knee when jumping adult for a Rough Ryder. JBL asks about if Mojo wants to go behind to being a tab team, though Ryder pronounced they would be fools to pass adult an event during tab group bullion and Mojo was in agreement.

Renee compliments a jazz rope that kicked off SmackDown and how WWE will be returning to New Orleans for WrestleMania.

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal (and The Singh Brothers) join a show.

Mahal thinks Renee has been perplexing to keep him off a uncover given it’s been so prolonged given he seemed last. Mahal reminds Renee a she didn’t consider he would win a pretension and that Randy Orton is past his prime, while he is entering his prime. Renee asks about Orton unctuous adult on Mahal tonight and aggressive him. Mahal responds it was ostensible to be a face-to-face assembly and that he’s a coward. He says during MITB, Orton’s Dad will be in a front quarrel and he will kick Orton in his hometown. Jinder says he has a plan, though won’t give it divided other than he will leave MITB as WWE Champion. Mahal heads off a set.

JBL asks Renee because she was upsetting a Champion and she attempted to explain herself that Orton has a good resume, so it’s tough to collect opposite him. Renee asks JBL if Orton if he will win, JBL thinks with his hometown behind him, he better, or he’ll never win opposite Jinder. They appreciate everybody for examination and we’re out!

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