WWE Surveys Fans On Their Interest In WWE 205 Live

Tuesdays WWE 205 Live part noted one year given a uncover went live. WWE released a Fan Council consult to symbol a miracle and sign fan seductiveness on a show.

Below are questions from a survey, that have led to conjecture on a destiny of a show:

WWE 205 Live Results (11/28): Tag Team Gets A New Name, Enzo Amore, Jack Gallagher Vs. Kalisto

* How informed are we with a weekly WWE Network uncover called WWE 205 Live? (Very familiar, rather familiar, A small bit familiar, Heard of though do not know most about, Never listened of WWE 205 Live)

* How often, if ever, do we watch WWE 205 Live? (Regularly watch, Occasionally watch, Used to watch though do not any more, Have never watched)

* How have we watched WWE 205 Live? (Using someone else’s WWE Network subscription, Using my WWE Network subscription, Viewing amicable media sites, Viewing segments/episodes on YouTube, Viewing segments on WWE.com or WWE app, Viewing segments/episodes on non-WWE websites, Other)

* How do we essentially watch WWE 205 Live on WWE Network? (Watch on demand, Watch live)

* Why have we not watched or are not frequently examination WWE 205 Live? (Busy when a uncover primarily front and forget to watch during a after time, Matches are repetitive, Announce group is not that interesting, Prefer examination other weekly WWE shows instead, Watching cruiserweight matches on other WWE shows is adequate for me, WWE Cruiserweight Superstars on that uncover are not that interesting, WWE 205 Live slips my mind/I forget to watch, WWE Cruiserweight Superstars do not have a poignant purpose in WWE pay-per-view events/RAW, Not meddlesome in a WWE Cruiserweight division, Watch adequate WWE shows and do not have time)

* Of a following reasons, what is a primary reason because we have not watched (or are not frequently watching) WWE 205 Live? (WWE Cruiserweight Superstars do not have a poignant purpose in WWE pay-per-view events/RAW)

* In your possess words, greatfully share because we have not watched or are not frequently examination WWE 205 Live?

* If WWE Superstars from RAW or SmackDown were to rivet some-more frequently with WWE Cruiserweight Superstars on a WWE 205 Live show, how would this impact your observation of WWE 205 Live? (Much some-more expected to watch, Somewhat some-more expected to watch, No impact, Somewhat reduction expected to watch, Much reduction expected to watch)

* How meddlesome are we in examination a following WWE weekly shows? (Monday Night RAW, WWE NXT, WWE 205 Live, WWE SmackDown – Very interested, Somewhat interested, A small bit interested, Not during all interested, Don’t know)

* How mostly do we watch a following WWE weekly shows? (Monday Night RAW, SmackDown, NXT – Every week, 2 of 3 weeks per month, Once per month, Once each other month, Less mostly than once each other month, Do not watch)

WWE sent out this consult per #205Live. Your thoughts? Thanks to Wrestling Inc. reader @Mark_AKA_Mark

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