WWE Raw Results: Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman rip down a ring forward of Fastlane

wwe raw, wwe tender photos, wwe tender results, wwe tender videos, wwe tender matches, roman reigns, braun strowman, strowman, wwe fastlane, kevin owens, goldberg, wwe news, sports news WWE Raw on Monday night saw Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman strife during a agreement signing. (Source: WWE)

Few days divided from WWE Fastlane – a next pay-per-view on a WWE report – where a categorical eventuality is a heavyweight strife between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman, a agreement signing itself supposing meaningful signs of a burning conflict during hand. The twin clashed inside and outward a ring on WWE Raw that brought a ring down – literally.

Strowman is on a prohibited strain carrying taken out Big Show and Reigns in dual weeks and he asked Mick Foley to connect The Big Dog so as to repudiate him a choice of subsidy out from a competition during Fastlane. With things heating up, they both done their approach by a throng and had Reigns broach a stalk before confidence stepped in to try and stop a dual giants. However, Strowman wasn’t going to let Reigns have a final laugh as he gathering a latter so tough into a turnbuckle that it brought a ring down. As Strowman walked off, Reigns sealed on a contract to make things positively official.

Earlier on in a night, Kevin Owens responded, finally, to Goldberg’s tweets where he criticised the Universal Champion for his profanation of Chris Jericho and a insults. Owens joked about a Green Bay Street Fight – a speciality of sorts for a mythological wrestler. It set adult a good small preview to Fastlane though difference won’t save him most on Sunday night.

At another point in a night, Seth Rollins addressed his Wrestlemania destiny that has been in a atmosphere ever given Samoa Joe re-injured his knee a few days back. However, on Raw, he hobbled down on crutches, voiced bewail over allying with Triple H and informing a interviewer he substantially won’t be privileged to contest during Wrestlemania (April 2). But afterwards tables incited as Triple H showed adult with Joe in tow. The WWE executive warned Rollins to stay divided from a large eventuality or it would be his last. Riled up, Owens betrothed that he was going to contest – even if not entirely transparent – and take down Triple H with him.

WWE Raw Results:

The New Day def. Rusev Jinder Mahal

Akira Tozawa def. Noam Dar

Charlotte Flair Nia Jax def. Raw Women’s Champion Bayley Sasha Banks

Big Cass def. Raw Tag Team Champion Luke Gallows

Sheamus def. Titus O’Neil

Big Show def. The Shining Stars

Jack Gallagher TJ Perkins def. WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville Tony Nese

Samoa Joe def. Cesaro