WWE NXT Results (8/16): McIntyre Vs. Strong, Women’s Title Contract Signing, Iconic Riot, More

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Tonight’s partial sees NXT Champion Bobby Roode’s new adversaries go head-to-head as Drew McIntyre and Roderick Strong go during it inside a squared circle. We’ll also see all a other final hype for Saturday’s NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III show, that Wrestling Inc. will have full coverage for commencement during 7:00PM ET.

– Mauro Ranallo and organisation acquire us to a uncover and runs down tonight’s card.

– Contract signing for a NXT Women’s Championship compare with Ember Moon and Asuka. Mr. Regal presides over a signatures. Both ladies looking good in their dress clothes. Ember touts Asuka’s run and includes a a champ violation Goldberg’s undefeated streak. This leads a throng to start a Goldberg intone and drum beat, that was semi-impressive. And as considerable as Asuka’s strain has been, Ember says she’s usually taken brief cuts with one person…her. She had to pull a ref to flog her before and pounded her after on, heading to final injury. Ember says Asuka finished a biggest mistake of her life and she’ll finish Asuka’s reign. As they both pointer a contract, Asuka goes on a mini-tirade in Japanese. They have a stare-off with no earthy fight to finish a segment.

– Back from mangle and Mr. Regal revelation a good small story. Lars Sullivan comes in and begs for another tab group match, and says he won’t destroy his partner if they lose, that is a flattering fun gimmick.

Street Profits (Ford/Dawkins) vs. Lars Sullivan Chris Silvio

The Street Profits are OVER, and Silvio’s career might shortly be over if he takes a pin. Sullivan tries to get a compare started, though Silvio runs in and gets a unbending shot from Dawkins. Ford runs by a throng in hysteria. Tag finished to Ford, who flips his approach in to join Dawkins for some tandem offense. Silvio only a fingertip away, though no tag. Ford sends a shot to Sullivan, who doesn’t budge. Ford smartly decides to not go for a confrontation. Tag finished by SP. Power explosve and frog dash combo get a pursuit finished for a Street Profits with Sullivan never removing into a match.

Winners around Pinfall: Street Profits

– After a match, SP heads for aloft ground. Lars stares his depressed partner down. Rather than a finish flog down, Lars shows a bit of care and carries his partner’s baggy physique to a back. The care doesn’t final long, as Sullivan takes Silvio outward a building for a flog down and throws him into a rubbish bin. Technically within Mr. Regal’s rules.

Billie Kay (with Peyton Royce) vs. Ruby Riot

Of march this compare was spawned by a backstage video of a Iconic Duo ragging on individualist Riot’s looks…as all good feuds should begin. Nice response for Riot, who uses a accumulation of roll-ups, incompatible fruit, to start a compare for a array of nearby falls. Riot mocks a iconic duo’s small dance, and it’s on from there. Big discus clothesline from a taller Kay, though Riot fights behind with a few strikes. Straight leg stunner from Kay for a singular bit of offense. Nice take over from Kay into an tip physique submission, that Riot fights out of. Royce rooting her partner on as a throng gets behind Riot. Riot’s prepared feet display their diploma with a fibre of kicks. Kay goes for a dilemma attack, though Riot catches her with her knees and sends her face initial into a turnbuckle. Upside down flog of sorts connects for Riot and gets a win over Kay.

Winner around Pinfall: Ruby Riot

– After a match, Royce grabs a mic and continues to run down Riot’s looks and it appears this argument is not over.

– Announce group runs down a NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III card.

– Vignette for a tab group titles, featuring Paul Ellering and Authors of Pain, as good as their challengers, SAnitY.

Roderick Strong vs. Drew McIntyre

Crowd comparatively indifferent for this match. McIntyre with a large distance advantage. Strong hurdles a whip conflict and delivers a leg lariat. Went to a good again too early as McIntyre stops it in it’s marks a second time and McIntyre with an considerable suplex. Roddy behind on a offensive, promulgation Drew outside, where they both go strike for strike. Roddy charges in, though Drew pops him adult into a steel post. Referee with a slowest 10 count of all time as they’re both still outside. Roddy behind in, enziguri on a apron, afterwards drops McIntyre behind initial onto a “hardest partial of a ring.” Strong rolls behind in as we go to break.

We’re behind and a behind and onward is still going. Strong with a teenager tip palm with a somewhat rumpled abdominal stretch. McIntyre works his approach up, though afterwards Roddy throws several haymakers. McIntyre now down in a dilemma as Roddy looks to finish a job. Several some-more kicks and stomps from a christ of the…back breaker. Drew offered his behind off for Strong as he gets sealed into another tip physique submission. Drew fights out again and a outrageous clothesline creates space. Kick to a midsection afterwards conduct from Strong, runs a ropes, though soon gets thrown by a belly-to-belly by McIntyre. We’ve reached a conflict of wills in a center of a ring apportionment of a match, that McIntyre gets a best of. McIntyre heads adult tip for an ax handle. Reverse Alabama Slam by McIntyre, that looked amazing, leads to a pin and a prolonged two. Drew strikes adult a rope for a Claymoore, though Strong prepared with a jumping knee counter. The behind breaker dilettante finally lands one to even a odds. Another knee strike from Strong, afterwards heads adult top, though a outrageous conduct boundary sends Strong crumbling. Both group held adult in a ropes, Drew held adult in a Tree of Woe. None other than a NXT Champion Bobby Roode runs down a ramp to take out both men, and does so utterly giddily.

Result: No Contest–Interference

– Roode gloats as McIntyre tries to will himself up. Roode hits a Glorious DDT and leaves his challenger laying. He blows a lick to Strong for good magnitude as a throng chants “you suck” during a stately one. We get one good GLORIOUS from Roode as he stands high to finish a episode. Side note; confidence was somewhat delayed in safeguarding a categorical event.

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