WWE NXT Recap (2/21): Johnny Gargano Leaves NXT?, Velveteen Dream Dances On No Way Jose, Nikki Cross

Welcome to a summation of Wednesday’s partial of WWE NXT. Leave your thoughts on a uncover subsequent in a comments section.

– The uncover opens with a video package highlighting Andrade “Cien” Almas and his tour to capturing a NXT Championship. We afterwards work into a adversary he’s had with Johnny Gargano. They’ll be in a categorical eventuality tonight. Let’s go loyal to a ring for some action.

Velveteen Dream vs. No Way Jose

Strong support for Velveteen Dream and Jose feels like a loser early. Dream lands a initial shot and continues in a corner. He deduction to dance to a stroke of his frilly tights. Jose behind adult and lands a outrageous clothesline. Follows it adult with a behind physique dump and a groundwork slip flog takes Dream to a outside. Jose not finished and hits a slingshot dive to a floor. We go to a initial break.

Upon return, Dream lands a jaw breaker and a impact to change control. He goes for what seemed to be a Purple Rainmaker though Jose gets both boots adult to a jaw. Jose with a organisation of loyal rights and tossing a flattering vast male in Dream all a approach opposite a ring. Jose embracing a cheers for his opponents and regulating it as fuel. He winds adult for his ball pitch, though Dream bounces off with a dump kick. He fast follows with a rolling genocide hollow motorist and puts a cherry on tip with a purple rainmaker.

Winner around Pinfall: Velveteen Dream

– After a match, Velveteen Dream takes a mic and says he wins all a awards and it doesn’t matter who won final year’s accolades. He says his name is clearly on a tip of everyone’s tongues, that sparks another chant.

– Zelina Vega gives her business associate a pep speak in a behind as he preps for his compare in a categorical event.

– William Regal creates an proclamation from his office. He lets us know that a Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic will lapse in dual weeks. The leader not usually gets a Dusty Cup, though also a shot during a tab titles during NXT TakeOver: New Orleans.

Vanessa Borne vs. Nikki Cross

The bell rings and Nikki storms into Vanessa with a force and belligerent and pound. Borne reverses a whip though Nikki usually jumps on tip of her for a sleeper hold. Borne slings her down. Cross seems to be enjoying a pain that Borne is dishing out as she uses a ropes and a count to her advantage. Variety of energy moves by Borne usually gets a dual before she cinches in a chin lock. Borne resorting to unpleasant strategy that usually fires Cross up. Running cranky body, span of forearms, dilemma avalanche. Diving cranky physique and rolls by instead of a pin. Cross hits her overhanging neck breaker dubbed “the purge” for a sincerely discerning win.

Winner around Pinfall: Nikki Cross

– A demeanour behind during a budding adversary between Aleister Black and Killian Dain.

– TM61 announces their goal to attend in a Dusty Tag Classic around Twitter.

– Recap of final week’s NXT Women’s Championship compare where Kairi Sane interrupted a record and we saw Baszler shelter for a initial time. They will face any other subsequent week. But now, it’s NXT Title time!

Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. Johnny Gargano (NXT Championship Match)
If Gargano loses, he leaves NXT…

Nice accepting for all involved, including a challenger’s newly sealed wife, Candice LeRae. They get a spotlight diagnosis as a competitors are introduced and a pretension is shown. The bell rings and a throng is ready. Gargano sizes Almas up. Series of roll-ups, mostly by Almas, comes adult empty. Gargano rolls out of a ring to regroup as we go to a initial break.

Quickly lapse and Almas is still in control. Back bend from a champ. Gargano fast earnings a preference and sends a champ outside. Gargano looks to fly though Vega stairs in a way. Candice won’t mount for it and hits a self-murder dive to a outside. Johnny hits one of his possess and we now have a loyal one-on-one compare up. Gargano looks for a slingshot though Almas intercepts. Almas takes Gargano down onto a apron, as we know is a hardest partial of a ring. It’s incited into a strike fest with chops in a center of a ring. Almas catches Gargano on a ropes and binds onto an arm bar until a 4.9 indicate of a 5 count for a break. Almas teases a hammerlock, though usually uses it to wire Johnny into a dilemma before move to stomp a sand hole in a challenger. Almas uses a ropes to his advantage again as a throng attempts to convene Gargano. Not most fitness nonetheless as Almas has a opposite to Gargano’s reversals. Another mangle as a champ is station tall.

We’re behind and Gargano in a universe of trouble. He fights out for a moment, reverses a suplex, and hits a roll-thru kick. Whip to a corner, though uses movement to locate Almas for a rana. Slingshot stalk by Gargano, though can’t reason a pin due to his left arm. He shakes some feeling behind into and south paws his approach to an advantage. Looks for a super flog though gets caught. Buckle explosve and doubles knees from Almas for a prolonged two. Hammerlock applied, though Gargano pushes Almas into a buckles twice to mangle a hold, usually to get thrown shoulder initial into a ring post. Action goes outward now as they tee off on any other with sleepy legs on a apron. Gargano rises him adult and looks to a announce desk, though Almas grabs a wire to escape. They go for any others’ finishers and tactfully retreat them. Almas with another double knee in a corner, this time to a behind of Gargano’s neck. Cover for a two. Almas irritated continues to demeanour for ways to tighten a deal. He perches a challenger adult tip for an impassioned hammerlock DDT. Johnny blocks. Gargano held on a ropes now as Almas takes advantage of a fact. He has bad intentions, though Gargano untangles himself in time to strike Almas down. Diving DDT to a outside, fast rolls him in, slingshot DDT, though usually a dual once again. They radically try to reason onto any other usually to get themselves off a ground. They strike final embankment efforts on their knees as they bar divided in a center of a ring. Thunderous clout by Almas followed by a super flog from Gargano. Almas lines adult for an bend though hits a central instead. Gargano uses a teenager daze to tighten in a GargaNO Escape. The arbitrate is down. Tommaso Ciampa enters from a throng and nails his former best crony with his now barbarous crutch. Almas adult and hits a hammerlock DDT. The arbitrate comes to and solemnly creates a 3 count.

Winner STILL NXT Champion: Andrade “Cien” Almas

– They summation a highlights of a compare and a stakes. With a loss, Gargano contingency now leave NXT. Almas and Vega applaud on a ramp as an romantic Gargano recovers in a ring. A large “Thank You Johnny” intone rings out as his mother Candice comes out to console him. The ring announcer creates it central that Gargano contingency leave NXT as a throng erupts into “NO” chants. A outspoken few seem to be happy with this, though a rest of a throng gives him a station ovation. He creates his romantic exit as Ciampa is shown in a throng fluttering goodbye with a wily Sicilian smile.