WWE Hell In A Cell: Shane McMahon Vs. Kevin Owens (HIAC)

Falls Count Anywhere Hell In a Cell: Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens

We go to a Cell and out comes SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon. He greets his mother and sons during ringside before entering a structure. Kevin Owens is out next.

Owens approaches a Cell though Shane attacks him and a bell rings. They quarrel outward of a Cell with Shane unloading. Shane sends Owens into a barrier. Owens tries to quarrel behind though Shane continues with lots of punches, dropping Owens on a floor. Owens gets adult and tosses Shane into a steel, afterwards a barrier. Shane stands on tip of a separator and leaps off, holding Owens down. Owens turns it around and talks some rabble though Shane kicks a Cell doorway into his face. Shane rolls Owens into a ring and stairs inside a Cell himself. The arbitrate thatch a door.

Owens turns it around and sends Shane into a steel twice, knocking him off a apron and rising him into a wall. Shane looks to be cut open already. Owens talks rabble and rubs Shane’s face into a steel, right in front of his kids while derisive them as well. Owens sends Shane into a steel stairs and talks some-more rabble about his family. Owens keeps control and positions a stairs during ringside though Shane kicks him and turns it around. Shane brings it behind into a ring though Owens stops divided as he rolls in. Owens keeps control and puts a feet to Shane’s face to keep him down. Shane gets adult though Owens levels him and nails a senton for a 2 count.

Owens with some-more offense before attack a dilemma cannonball. Owens drags Shane to a center of a ring and covers for a 2 count. Owens yells during Shane’s family and says he should be their purpose model, not their dad. Owens goes to a tip for a large senton though Shane gets his knees up. We get a replay. Shane unloads with punches now. Shane with an bend after regulating a ropes. Shane bounces around a ring and waits for Owens to get adult now. Shane with lefts and rights, afterwards a flog into a corner. Shane ends adult attack a DDT, pushing Owens into a mat. A “you still got it” intone starts. Shane goes to a tip now. Shane goes for a Shooting Star Press though misses. Owens goes to a tip and hits a Frogsplash for a 2 count.

Owens talks rabble and goes for a Pop-Up Powerbomb though Shane counters mid-move and relates an armbar. Shane has difficulty removing it entirely sealed in. Owens gets giveaway and goes to a floor. Shane relates a triangle acquiescence from a apron though can’t get it entirely sealed in again. Owens turns that into a powerbomb from a apron onto a bottom half of a steel ring steps. Owens covers for a 2 count on tip of a steps. Owens asks Shane because he’s creation him do this. Owens stomps again and again. Fans still wish tables. Owens brings one from underneath a ring and fans pop.

Shane is still down as Owens leans a list opposite a Cell wall. Owens rocks him and leans Shane opposite a table. Owens goes to a apron and leaps for a large cannonball into a list though Shane moves and Owens crashes by a table, attack a steel of a Cell wall. Fans intone “holy s–t” now. Shane covers for a 2 count on a floor, regulating only one hand. Shane stands adult and smacks Owens in a behind with half of a damaged table. Shane with another large shot with a square of a table. Shane tosses a rabble can into a ring for a pop. Shane with strikes and another shot with a list half. Shane brings it behind into a ring now.

Shane positions Owens in a dilemma and places a rabble can on him. Shane goes to a tip and nails a Coast 2 Coast dropkick, pushing a rabble can into Owens. Shane is harm as good though Owens is out. Shane with another diseased pin try for a 2 count as Owens gets his feet on a bottom rope. We get a replay of a Coast 2 Coast. Graves believes a arbitrate got held adult in a impulse as a feet on a wire should not have caused a break. Shane leaves a ring and tells a arbitrate to clear a doorway though they won’t. Shane goes underneath a ring and brings out a span of shaft cutters. Shane struggles with slicing a close off a door. Owens is hardly relocating in a ring. Shane finally pops a close and opens a doorway as fans pop.

Shane goes behind into a ring and hits Owens with a rabble can. Fans intone “one some-more time” now. Shane keeps control as they leave a Cell now. They trade shots during a bottom of a ramp. Owens hits a low blow and drops Shane with a DDT into a solid image on a ramp. Owens rises Shane and crotches him with a support of a door. Owens works Shane over outward of a Cell, harsh his face into a structure. Owens stands on Shane’s neck and slams a tip of a announce list on him. Owens hits Shane with one of a announce list monitors now. Owens headbutts Shane, causing him to tumble on tip of a announce table. Owens stands on tip of a separator now, holding his time to demeanour down during Shane and out opposite a crowd. Owens changes his mind and comes down off a barrier. He climbs to a tip of a Cell instead.

Owens creates it to a tip of a Cell while Shane is still down on a announce table. Owens looks like he’s about to jump from a Cell though he’s carrying second thoughts. Owens backs adult and has to hype himself up. Shane gets adult and starts climbing a Cell now. Owens waits for him to fight. Owens hits Shane before he can get to a top, causing him to hang from a side of a Cell. Shane fights behind and climbs adult anyway. They accommodate on a tip of a Cell and start brawling. Shane ducks a shot and hits a leg sweep. Fans intone for Shane. Shane slams Owens again. Fans intone “this is awesome” as they both onslaught to get to their feet. Shane hits a suplex on tip of a Cell.

They both get adult and Owens drops Shane with a superkick. Owens with a senton now. Owens grabs Shane for a powerbomb though Shane fights him. Shane backdrops Owens on tip of a Cell. They onslaught and Owens can’t get Shane adult for a powerbomb. Shane charges though Owens catches him and hits a Pop-Up Powerbomb on tip of a Cell. We get a replay. Owens looks to launch Shane off a tip of a Cell put Shane puts a brakes on. Shane ducks a right palm and kicks Owens’ knee. They trade some-more shots. Shane charges though Owens drops him with a punch. Owens starts climbing down a side of a Cell now. Fans boo. Shane grabs him and won’t let him stand down. Shane with punches. Owens continues to stand down a Cell now. Shane is also climbing down now.

Shane knocks Owens off a side of a Cell, promulgation him crashing by a Spanish announce list below. Referees, WWE trainers and paramedics immediately come check on Owens. We get a replay. Owens looks to boot a paramedics. Shane tries to lift Owens now though he’s out. Shane drags Owens a few feet and drops him in front of a categorical announce table. Shane starts holding detached that announce list now as fans intone his name. Shane places Owens on tip of a announce list and headbutts him. Shane cuts his possess throat and starts climbing a Cell wall again. Shane creates it to a tip of a Cell and looks down during Owens. Shane says a request and creates a outrageous jump though Owens moves out of a way. Shane lands bad. We see that it was Sami Zayn who pushed Owens off a table, Owens didn’t hurl out of a way. Medics and officials check on Shane as Sami looks to check on Owens. Fans in a throng are shocked.

Medics are bringing out a back-board and a neck prop for Shane. Sami drags Owens over and lays him on tip of Shane for a pin. Sami pushes a arbitrate to a belligerent and tells him to count a pin.

Winner: Kevin Owens

After a bell, Owens is announced a winner. Sami looks down during Shane as medics go behind to operative on him. Owens starts to pierce some as his song hits. Sami looks uncertain about a whole thing. We go to replays of Shane’s large jump and see how Sami done a save for Owens, pulling him to safety. A paramedic and a arbitrate assistance Owens to a behind while Shane is installed onto a stretcher. We go to some-more replays. Owens looks behind from a ramp as Shane is stretchered away. Hell In a Cell goes off a atmosphere with Shane being pushed to a behind after he did give a thumbs up.

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