Worst Tinder Date Ever Allegedly Steals Dog From Home!

Be crafty who we suitable right for!

On Sunday, an misleading 18-year-old ladylike was housesitting for a Leonia, New Jersey-resident when she quiescent to strike adult one of her Tinder matches.

When a male came over to a house, he — for some reason — brought another dude, where one of them “distracted” a lady for definitely some time. After both bros left, a sitter confident a laptop, an Amazon package, AND a chateau owner’s 2-year-old white Maltese Maggie were GONE!

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Fast contemptuous to this week, a hybrid was found and returned to her owner!

It turns out Elena Ramirez — who lives 20 mins divided from Leonia — found a Maltese on Monday after her cenobite saw a doggy in her backyard. The Garfield, New Jersey-resident exclaimed:

“She was so cute, she was still and calm.”

Ramirez gave a dog to authorities who thereafter gave Maggie to a All Humane Animal Rescue, who posted her pic on a Facebook page featuring misplaced and found pets.

Daily Voice editor Jerry DeMarco usually so happened to eventuality on a post and contacted Leonia troops who were means to pierce a dog behind home!

Even nonetheless a puppy was retrieved, Elena has rough disproportion for a bungled house-sitter.

“It’s absurd on her prejudiced to have somebody over that we don’t know let alone when it’s not your house. These kids… I’m usually gratified that a dog is behind home.”

The twin suspects have been identified, and an examination is now underway.

[Image around Leonia Police Department.]

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