World premiere of Star Wars sequel

Media captionLizo Mzimba reports from a red runner as Star Wars: The Force Awakens is released.

The hotly approaching latest further in a Star Wars franchise, The Force Awakens, has had a universe premiere in Los Angeles.

Stars attended from a strange series, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher, as good as newcomers including John Boyega and Daisy Ridley.

The tract of a film stays a closely-guarded tip and a media embargo on reviews is in place until Wednesday.

But some reviewers did post positive, if brief, comments on Twitter.

Media captionStar Wars fans conflict to new film: “Met all my expectations”

Adam B Vary, comparison film contributor for Buzzfeed, tweeted: “Rest easy: TheForceAwakens is 100% StarWars”, while LA Times film writer, Rebecca Keegan, wrote: “Story, characters, design, humour – StarWars fans, this is a film you’re looking for.”

Her co-worker Steve Zeitchik tweeted: “From comedy to costumes, fights to fx to altogether feel, JJ Abrams has combined a entirely out-of-date movie” and actor Rob Lowe was also enthusiastic, tweeting: “There’s a new favourite in town, in a film that DELIVERS. Cried like a baby, whooped like a teen!”

Actress Elizabeth Banks, who attended a premiere, was also impressed. She tweeted: “StarWarsForceAwakens totally delivers no spoilers we repeat no spoilers again no spoilers only wow.”

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Stormtroopers marched adult a red runner in Los Angeles

According to Matthew Belloni, executive editor during Hollywood Reporter and Billboard, one male was forcibly private from a premiere.

Fans had been camping out for days outward a TCL Chinese Theatre, that along with other LA venues screened a seventh Star Wars instalment. Security was tight, with a hulk tent shrouding a red carpet.

The TCL Chinese Theatre – before famous as Grauman’s Chinese Theatre – hosted a premiere for a initial Star Wars film in 1977.

Media captionStars of The Force Awakens exhibit their fad during a release

More than 150 fans lined adult to buy tickets for a initial open screenings of Episode VII on Thursday though they got a warn when they were all invited into one of a 3 cinemas display a premiere.

But dual fans, Australians Caroline Ritter and Andrew Porters, incited down a offer since they are removing married on a forecourt of Hollywood Boulevard on Thursday and will be examination a film with their friends and family afterwards.

Mr Porters said: “They invited us in. We declined. It’s partial of a marriage accepting with friends so we upheld to see it on Thursday. It was tough though it is a right decision.”

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Newcomer Daisy Ridley plays Rey in a film

On a red runner with party match Lizo Mzimba, BBC News

Fans, many in costume, camped out for days for a possibility to see a stars on a red runner for what is substantially a many energetically awaited film of a decade.

The distance and scale are a thoughtfulness of a fast recognition of this sci-fi saga, and of a expectation surrounding this latest instalment.

The red runner here is around half a mile long, underneath a outrageous marquee that stretches a length of 4 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard.

The universe premiere itself has taken over 3 opposite cinemas, and 4,000 guest are expected. Security has been parsimonious with everybody entering a area around a eventuality theme to bag searches and steel detectors.

There is a outrageous grade of fad surrounding what is rivalling a Oscars as a film eventuality of a year.

Disney, a studio behind a film, is anticipating this will all give this new Star Wars film a stellar launch. They paid some-more than $4bn (£2.6bn) for a rights to a franchise. Anticipation for a film has been huge, and in Oct some cinema websites collapsed underneath a weight of direct for tickets.

Ms Ritter will travel down a temporary aisle in a white dress accompanied by Darth Vader, while Mr Porters will wear a normal fit though with a Stormtrooper crawl tie and braces.

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Harrison Ford was happy to poise with fans who had camped out for days anticipating for a glance of some of a film’s stars

Stormtroopers assimilated robots C-3PO and R2-D2 on a red runner as a tellurian stars arrived during Tuesday’s universe premiere.

“Now we have to live adult to what a initial films delivered,” pronounced Ford, who has returned to his purpose as Han Solo.

Star Wars creator George Lucas was speckled shouting and chatting with The Force Awakens executive and co-writer JJ Abrams on a red carpet.

He pronounced of a latest film in a array that “it’s a film about families and what one era leaves behind another era has to understanding with”.

Abrams, who has also destined dual Star Trek films, pronounced he was not perplexing to put his possess symbol on a Star Wars franchise.

“I don’t demeanour during a things we do from a vantage indicate of putting a stamp on it, I’m perplexing to use a master of a stories and a characters,” he said.

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Fans have been intensely vehement about a long-awaited attainment of this film

Ford pronounced he was not feeling a vigour after so most anticipation.

“It’s not my fault, we can censure it on JJ. we only work here,” he joked.

The Force Awakens will have a UK premiere in London on Wednesday.

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