World Mental Health Day: Is sex obsession a genuine condition? We find out

World Mental Health Day, World Mental Health Day 2018, sex addictionWorld Mental Health Day, World Mental Health Day 2018, sex addiction Is sex obsession a genuine condition or simply a crafty excuse? (Source: Getty/Thinkstock Image)

Time and again, we come opposite scandals in that a chairman is seen risking all to prove his (or her) passionate desires. David Duchovny perceived diagnosis for sex addiction. So did Tiger Woods after he certified to mixed infidelities. Eric Benet was allegedly intrigue on his mother Halle Berry repeatedly, and when a 51-year-old thespian was held he checked into a 35-day rehab module for sex addiction.

Although all these cases differ in nature, it flags one common doubt – is sex obsession a bona fide medical condition, or is it simply a good approach to dress adult bad behaviour? The American Psychiatric Association (APA) has still not combined Sexual Addiction into their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. However, Dr Sanjay Garg, Head of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences, Fortis Hospital says that he sees during slightest 5 patients a month with identical complaints.

It won’t be wrong to contend that once APA recognises sex obsession as a mental health disorder, porn enthusiasts competence spin themselves in for treatment, and those who have sequence affairs can assistance make a rehab zone essential as patients. According to TIME, following Woods claiming that he was pang from sex addiction, Elements Behavioral Health Pvt Ltd that gives diagnosis on a monumental hilltop residence in Malibu, California saw income expansion of 50%.


“Loss of control is a biggest sign of any mental illness. Likewise, in this case, we need to investigate a studious delicately and exam their hormonal balance. Only afterwards can we explain that a studious is pang from sex addiction. Also, patients who have bipolar commotion tend to get incited into sex addicts. Cognitive poise therapy is really ordinarily used with these clinics”, pronounced Dr Garg.

It took a while for alcoholism to be famous as a medical condition and not only a outcome of unwell resolve. Maybe over time, extreme lust and a need to act on it will be famous as a biochemical disorder?

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