Women Are Dropping Domestic Abuse Cases In Fear Of Getting Deported

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This is a unhappy universe we’re vital in…

Ever given Donald Trump became President, he has vowed to “protect” a borders by enormous down on bootleg immigration. Unfortunately, his policies don’t only impact one’s citizenship, it might concede an individual’s safety.

According to Denver City Attorney Kristin Bronson, she knows 4 women who were forced to dump domestic abuse cases in fear of removing arrested by an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent.

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She told NPR:

“We had tentative cases that we were prosecuting on their interest and given Jan 25, a date of a president’s executive sequence [on immigration], those 4 women have let a bureau know they were not peaceful to ensue with a box for fear that they would be speckled in a building and deported.”

Most tragically, a perpetrators — who could have harmed or killed their victims — are removing off scot free.

“Without victims peaceful to attest we’ve had to boot those charges and a aroused offenders have seen no consequences for their aroused acts.”

The counsel says it all started when a video began present in Feb of ICE agents watchful outward of a Denver building with a goal of impediment (supposed) bootleg aliens. (You can watch HERE)

The video:

“unfortunately has resulted in a high grade of fear and stress in a newcomer communities, and as a result, we have grave concerns here that they dread a justice complement now and that we’re not going to have continued team-work of victims and witnesses.”

Bronson has asked ICE agents to stay divided from “sensitive areas” such as courthouses to “avoid frightening people in a community.”

“We have done that ask seeking them to commend a fact that there are supportive areas… Federal discipline from Homeland Security commend schools and churches, hospitals as supportive areas and we consider courthouses should be famous as well.”

Regardless of where you’re from, we should NEVER be theme to wrong violence!

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