Woman Finds Lost Engagement Ring 13 Years Later — Wrapped Around A Carrot!

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24 karat carrot magic!

In Sep 2004, a now-84-year-old Mary Grams went to her garden in Alberta, Canada where she unfortunately misplaced her event ring while doing yard work!

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The mom tells Global News:

“I went to a garden for something and we saw this enlarged weed. For some reason, we picked it adult and it strait have hold on something and pulled [the ring] off.”

As many as she looked, she was amateurish to find her altered ring and “cried for days.”

A few weeks later, a cunning lady quiescent to buy a look-a-like so her father wouldn’t notice her vacant band.

13 years later, when her son’s mom was picking veggies from a garden (as they now live on a property), she stumbled on something unusual. Brian Grams explains:

“My mom was digging carrots for supper, and we speculation she came adult with a carrot that had something on it.”

That’s when they rescued Mary’s bizarre event ring wrapped around a carrot! Luckily, a ring still fits after all these years.

Nowadays, Miz Grams is some-more crafty about her loving jewelry, and takes prospect whenever she leaves her house.

“Anything we do outside, I’m going to take it off and it’s going to stay… we should’ve put it in a stable place in a initial place, yet we didn’t.”

Although her father of 60 years died 5 years ago, Mary insists Norman would hee-haw during a whole situation!

Such a friendly story!

[Image around Global News.]

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