Woman held speeding dumbfounded by cop’s ‘ticket’

Robin Sutherland only got a phone call that her ill, 90-year-old mom had to be put in a hospice. She hopped in a automobile and rushed down Alewife Brook Parkway in Massachusetts to see her mom for presumably a final time when a patrolman pulled her over for speeding.

Officer Ashley Catatao clocked her in during 40 mph in a 30 mph zone. Sutherland has a good pushing record and hasn’t been pulled over given 1985. Officer Catatao gave her a warning, not a ticket, yet she beheld that Sutherland was crying.

Sutherland explained to a officer that she has to put her mom in hospice care.

“And even yet she’s 90 years old, you’re never prepared to contend goodbye to a parent,” Sutherland said, according to Boston.com.

Catatao told her all was going to be OK.

“I felt bad since it’s not like we could have sat there and talked with her,” Catatao pronounced to Boston.com.

After Catatao let her expostulate away, she remarkable Sutherland’s home residence and sent her flowers with a pleasing note to assistance comfort her.

“I have my son each singular day and all we do, we do for him,” Catatao pronounced to Boston.com. “So to comprehend that someday we could remove my mom who has finished so most for me, and to consider about my son losing me someday — God dissuade it’s from a pursuit — I’m anticipating it’s someday when I’m unequivocally aged and he’s prepared for it.”

Police Chief Fallon, Catatao’s supervisor, praised her for her consolation and professionalism.

“As a military officer, even when we am pulling a engineer over for speeding or another infraction, we try not to remove lane of a fact that we offer this village and that people pushing in Somerville are genuine people with genuine things function in their lives,” Catatao pronounced to Patch.

Chief Fallon respected Catatao with a with a Beyond a Call of Duty Award for her implausible act of kindness.

(H/T: Patch)

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