Will Smith on Surprising Golden Globes Reaction From Jada

Will Smith might have been defunct during a a Golden Globe nominations early Wednesday morning, though his mother Jada Pinkett Smith done certain to give him a arise adult call. While on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Smith pronounced Jada slapped him on a boundary when she found out he perceived a Golden Globe nom for best opening by an actor in a suit design play for his purpose in Concussion.

“It was unequivocally bizarre since they come on a West coast, it was during 5:30 in a morning. we was sleep. we felt like a slap on my donkey and Jada said, ‘You got nominated for a Golden Globe!’ So we was like, that’s a bizarre approach to learn.” Added Smith, “Jada gets all a Google alerts and all of that stuff. She said, ‘Oh my, I’ve got to give a spanking.”

Fallon also asked Will about his daughter Willow Smith’s remarkable manuscript release, to that Smith reliable that he’s operative on new song as well. “We were both recording during a same time that is kind of weird,” pronounced Smith. “I be messing with things man. we got a integrate of things we like so Jeff (DJ Jazzy Jeff) and we are unequivocally going to go on debate subsequent year.”

Smith remarkable that his 2016 tour, that he teased to Billboard progressing this month, would concede him to perform a song wish that was fast pushed to a side by a success of Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Smith removed that he and Jeff won a initial Grammy ever given to a swat organisation for their singular “Parents Just Don’t Understand,” though were not means to go on debate after. 

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air came on a atmosphere in 1990, so we was already on a uncover and we never unequivocally had a possibility to go out and tour. We motionless a integrate of months ago we have to unequivocally go adult one good time since be never unequivocally had a possibility to go out and fire it up.”

Will Smith also discussed his new film Concussion and after played a turn of Catchphrase with Kirsten Dunst that enclosed a sentimental anxiety to Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Watch a actors play a diversion in a shave below.