Will Smith: Is He Running For President? — Disgusted By Donald Trump

Look out, Donald Trump! You have during slightest one some-more absolute rivalry — Will Smith. The actor announced that he’d like to run for bureau one day, only to stop Trump. Was he joking, or will we have a President Smith soon?

Will Smith appeared on CBS Sunday Morning on Dec 13 to promote his film Concussion, though a review fast changed on to what he would like to do if he weren’t an actor or rapper. He had a few things in mind — like holding Donald Trump down and abrasive his possibility during a presidency!

At first, Will isn’t certain what else he’d like to do with a rest of his life, though he has clever self-assurance that it needs to be something critical and righteous. “There’s a grant to a universe inside of me that we can’t reach,” he says. “There’s something I’m ostensible to be doing, there’s a chairman that we wish to be that we saw a thoughtfulness in my grandmother’s eyes. You know what it is though we can’t strech that thing, there’s so most some-more that we feel we have to offer that we can’t entrance in myself.”

Well he fast realizes what that intensity is, that grant he can make to a world. It involves apropos a personality of a giveaway world. No large deal. “If people keep observant a crazy kind of things they’ve been observant on a news newly about walls and Muslims that will force me into a political arena,” Will says.

There’s no doubt that he’s articulate about someone we all know: Trump. The 2016 presidential claimant has oral aloud and steadfastly about his enterprise to build a 100 feet wall to keep out Mexican undocumented immigrants, as good as his guarantee that he’ll ban all Muslims from entering a United States; any Muslims already here will have to enroll in a inhabitant database. Lovely.

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So would Will try to run for any bureau besides a presidency? “I meant we gotta be President,” he says, laughing. “I meant come on, keep it real. What else would we run for?” The doubt now, is: is Will being serious, or is he only joking about a intensity jump into politics?

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HollywoodLifers, do we consider Will is unequivocally going to run for president? Tell us in a comments!