Will Ferrell Debuts "Newer, Hipper," Drone-Using Santa Claus on ‘Tonight Show’

Will Ferrell stopped by The Tonight Show on Wednesday night to foster his new film Daddy’s Home. But instead of articulate about his new comedy with Mark Wahlberg, attack theaters on Christmas, Ferrell was some-more stoked about another project.

“I’m a new Santa Claus,” Ferrell said, in impression as a new Santa, after walking out sporting a sleeveless Santa suit, red-and-white printed shorts, a fluffy blond wig, goatee and bluetooth earpiece.

“Look, brah, a Kris Kringle we all grew adult with is aged and lame. Dude looks like someone’s uncanny grandpa,” Ferrell’s Santa said. “Kids currently are perfectionist a newer, hipper some-more badass Santa Claus. So, uh, you’re welcome.”

Ferrell’s Santa carried a deception pouch and used a not-so-powerful T-shirt gun to (attempt to) fire T-shirts into a crowd. On a shirt: a face of Ferrell’s new Santa and “Daddy’s Home!”

“It’s some-more than nice, it’s noice,” Ferrell’s new Santa said, adding that he delivers gifts around drones.

“Old Santa used to do his reindeer thing, shifting down chimneys, stuffing stockings; that’s only not my style,” Ferrell’s new Santa said. “It’s a year of a drone…You only tell Santa what we want. we punch in some numbers in a computer, check to make certain you’re in a worker zone, and we get a special d from Mr. C, box Claus’d.”

Instead of delivering presents on Christmas Eve, Ferrell’s new Santa is chilling “down in Cabo.”

Ferrell’s new Santa, who sits in people’s laps instead of carrying them lay in his, is also a large Smash Mouth fan, belting out a few lines of “All Star” and a Christmas chronicle with Jimmy Fallon.