Why ‘Working Mom’ Kim Kardashian West Left Her Newborn Daughter for Her Tokyo Work Trip

Kim Kardashian West might have flown to Tokyo yet father Kanye West and their kids in tow, yet a operative mom’s gotta do what a operative mom’s gotta do.

“Kim is usually in Tokyo for several days while filming her TV show,” a source tells PEOPLE of a existence star and beauty guru, who has been snapped out and about in a Japanese collateral this week alongside sisters Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian.

Added a source of Kardashian West, 37, “She didn’t wish to interrupt her children’s report and will be behind by a finish of a week.”

A second insider explains because West, 40, and Kardashian West’s mom Kris Jenner are holding on childcare duties for Chicago, 6 weeks, Saint, 2, and North, 4½.

“Kim is a operative mom. She has work obligations like operative moms do,” says a second source. “The Tokyo outing is a operative outing and not kid-friendly.”

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Kim Kardashian West and baby daughter Chicago

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In general, the Keeping Up with a Kardashians star is leveraging a fact that she can prioritize her work obligations around her children’s needs.

“Although she works, Kim feels propitious that she has a stretchable schedule,” a second insider explains of Kardashian West. “She feels advantageous to spend a lot of time with her kids.”

“She loves being a mom,” a source adds. “She also feels propitious that Kris is means to assistance out while she works.”

Kim Kardashian West and Kris Jenner

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When she’s not working, though, Kardashian West creates a indicate to stay entirely focused on her kids. During an talk at Create Cultivate in Los Angeles, a mom of 3 explained how she manages.

“One of a manners we have about being benefaction with my kids is we don’t have my phone when I’m with them. So, like story time during night, in a mornings removing ready, we only don’t have my phone,” pronounced Kardashian West.

“I wish my kids to see a subdivision and to feel a disproportion and know that there is a time and a place for that,” she added. “So I’m unequivocally discreet when I’m at home with my phones and only being super present.”