Why Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown Insisted on Taking His Kids’ Phones Away After 7 P.M.

Karamo Brown is ardent about vital in a present, and has done it a priority to teach a same value in his kids.

The Queer Eye culture consultant stopped by a PEOPLE studios for a Dad Talk discuss alongside Nick Cannon, divulgence he had a unequivocally specific phone order in place for his sons before they strike adulthood (Chris is now 18, while Jason is 21).

“Until they spin 18, during 7:00, they have to put their phones in a basket,” says Brown, 37. “I consider it’s needed that we start to figure out a approach that kids can learn how to disconnect.”

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“Like when we go out to concerts, they are not authorised to have their phone out to record. we wish them to be in a moment,” Brown explains.

“You gotta be conscious about it. And it’s also monitoring,” he continues. “I consider it’s just so critical that parents indeed unequivocally investigate a apps on a phones and figure out what’s going on.”

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The father of dual has run into relatives who don’t know what is transpiring on certain social-media apps, and he’s had to broach a tough law to them.

“Parents don’t even know what’s going on on Snapchat. I’m like, ‘Your kids are promulgation unprotected photos. You competence wanna check and see what’s going on on their Snapchat,’ ” says Brown.

“It starts today with kids who are 11, 12, even younger who are being over-sexualized, who are being unprotected to things by these apps, and relatives have no idea,” he adds. “So it’s unequivocally about acid or looking and being aware.”