Why Jason Biggs Is Glad He’s a Dad to Boys When It Comes to Explaining His American Pie Scenes


Movie night at Jason Biggs‘ residence might get flattering ungainly when his dual sons decide to check out American Pie.

The actor forsaken by PEOPLE Now, where he described how he expects 3½-year-old son Sid and 8-week-old Lazlo to find out about a noted stage from a 1999 comedy — where his dad, played by Eugene Levy, catches him experimenting with a creatively baked cake in a kitchen.

“I design a unfolding where it’s like — we don’t know what grade, hopefully a small bit comparison —but one of his friends can come in and be like, ‘Hey, we saw your dad’s penis on TV final night!’ ” a 39-year-old says. “That’s a unequivocally genuine probability for a life.”

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No matter how ungainly that impulse will be, Biggs is relieved that he won’t have to explain a conditions to daughters.

“I’ve usually suspicion of it in regards to I’m blissful that we have boys contra girls,” he says. “I don’t know how it’s going to go down, though we know that no matter how it goes down, it’s going to be easier carrying sons than it would have been carrying girls.”

The crack could also come in accessible when it comes time to speak about a birds and a bees with his boys. “I could only uncover him a stage of me removing ‘the talk’ from Eugene in American Pie,” Biggs says. “I can be like, ‘Son, sit. It’s time for us to have “the talk.” Anyway, play.’ ”

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The star of Freeform’s Angry Angel also common with PEOPLE how he and wife Jenny Mollen are doing their older son’s composition period.

“He likes Lazlo — a good news is if he’s carrying issues, that we consider he is, he’s not holding it out on Lazlo, that is good,” he says. “He is, however, behaving like a crazy person with Jenny and I. He’s unequivocally not anxious with us.”

Biggs and Mollen, 38, are carrying to margin utterly a reactions from a toddler during a latter’s transition into his purpose as a large brother.

“This morning, [Sid] clawed my face,” admits the Orange Is a New Black star. “I have makeup [on] now, though we was like, ‘Really, dude? You knew we had to go do press currently and we motionless to scratch my pleasing face.’ ”

Jason Biggs

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Fortunately for Sid’s parents, Christmas is right around a corner — that means Kris Kringle is a good motivator to get him to behave.

“I am milking a s— out of, like, ‘You certain we don’t wanna listen to me right now? Because Santa’s watching,’ ” says Biggs. “When he’s unequivocally misbehaving or not listening, I’ll whip my phone out and I’ll be like, ‘I’m gonna record you. I’m gonna content Santa.’ ”

“He’s like, ‘Sorry Daddy!’ And I’m like, ‘Whoa, this is genius,’ ” he continues, adding that this is a initial year the judgment of Santa Claus has unequivocally resonated with Sid. “What happens on Dec. 26, we have no idea, though it’s a good dual months’ value of obeying.”

Angry Angel is now personification on Freeform.