Why do smartphones demeanour so alike?

Media captionWATCH: The new smell-sensing CAT smartphone dares to demeanour opposite

Is smartphone hardware treading H2O while industrial designers wait for bendy screens and other flexible, unconventional components to make some-more radical models possible? And will sales continue to decrease until they do?

Samsung is casting a prolonged shade over this year’s Mobile World Congress.

The record courtesy get-together in Barcelona is set to be dominated by a launch of a Galaxy S9 and S9+ handsets.

The greeting from many rivals – including Huawei, HTC and LG – appears to have been to reason off their possess flagship launches until after in a year.

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Samsung has expelled several camera-themed promo videos brazen of a Galaxy S9’s launch

Based on “leaks”, a S9 looks to be another rectangular, firm product with an almost-all potion front and neat steel back.

Samsung’s possess teaser campaign has centred on a camera’s capabilities rather than a radical form.

Of a few other new phones expected, conjecture has focused on how many lenses they will feature, where their fingerprint sensors will be placed, their arrangement measure and either they will keep a headphone jack, rather than any expectancy of a vital jump forward.

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“The tragedy is that we had dual decades of implausible creation with flip-phones, candy-bar phones, sliders, turn phones, block phones – all kinds of opposite things,” pronounced Ben Wood, from a consultancy CCS Insight.

“But a universe altered in 2007 when Steve Jobs pulled a iPhone out of his pocket, and had what became a widespread design.

“We’ve given gravitated to a black rectangle with a touchscreen as a form cause of choice, and it feels like we’ve now reached a record plateau where firms contest by charity extrinsic changes around a edges.”

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The Nokia 3310 handset was one of a many talked about launches during MWC final year

Even so, there does seem to be an ardour for something “a bit different”.

The large story from final year’s MWC was a Nokia 3310.

The “reimagined” chronicle of a Finnish company’s classical handset had both earthy series keys and a shade that bulged during a bottom.

Its manufacturer, HMD Global, struggled to accommodate direct when it went on sale, notwithstanding several vicious reviews.

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Lenovo showed off a phone that incited into a wearable during a press discussion in 2016

More insubordinate still, Lenovo has formerly shown off a foldable phone concept that wrapped around a wrist.

And Samsung has exhibited a prototype with a roll-out display.

Both stirred lots of online gibberish though have nonetheless to be incited into blurb products.

But change for change’s consequence can be a mistake.

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Neither LG’s Flex phones nor a G5 were bestsellers

Two generations of LG’s curved-screened Flex smartphones left many consumers confused as to what advantage a pattern had.

And a South Korean association fast retreated from a G5’s ability to cocktail off a bottom to concede bolt-on hardware modules to be added, after sales disappointed.

Pixel planner

It’s rather revelation about a stream state of smartphone pattern that when a artistic lead of Google’s Pixel 2 discussed his work with a BBC, most of a review was dedicated to a colour schemes.

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The Pixel 2’s arch engineer says he took impulse from fashion, pattern and furniture

“On a panda one [there’s a] really bold, really fluent black-and-white colourway, with… a hint of confident colour in a orange energy button,” Alberto Villarreal said.

The Mexico-born engineer pronounced he had been vehement by new trends in a conform industry, and in sold a proceed people were mixing grave equipment with entertainment wear.

“The mix-and-match of those neutral tones, with some sparks of colour that make it some-more sporty, are things we really looked during for inspiration,” he said.

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Mr Villarreal believes his use of colour done a Pixel 2 distinctive

When it came to a rest of a design, Mr Villarreal says he took a less-is-more approach.

“One thing that we been really clever about is creation certain that when we demeanour during a phone from a front, a courtesy of a user is focused on a screen.

“So [it was about] stealing anything that is distracting from that.

“We have no branding, no buttons. And even sum like a front-facing stereo speakers [is] something that we are treating really discreetly, consistent with a black front.

“Even a bezels of a phone are black.”

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It is comparatively surprising for a handset manufacturer to share sketches of their strange designs

Mr Villarreal declined to plead how stretchable components and other innovations competence impact destiny designs.

But he did contend a open should be distrustful when they review reports about record companies creation last-minute hardware changes.

“We were were operative on a [Pixel 2] before we had expelled a prior one,” he said.

“In sequence to make a product in high-volume, we have to start a pre-production utterly a few months before.

“So, we can't consider of vital changes that could occur to a product really tighten to a launch date.”

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Google eventually expelled an all-blue model, though not one that total a colour with yellow

Handset-makers might now be some-more assigned forgetful adult new synthetic comprehension comforts and protracted existence capabilities than perplexing to rethink how mobiles demeanour in a hand.

But new conveyance total prove many consumers don’t see these comforts as constrained reasons to upgrade.

IDC recently reported a tellurian marketplace was down 6.3% over a October-to-December entertain in 2017 compared with a same 3 months a prior year, while Strategy Analytics put a tumble during 8.8%.

China – a world’s biggest marketplace – represented a sold black spot. Local direct for smartphones suffered a 14% year-on-year plunge, according to Canalys.

While interesting those figures, it’s value observant that a information would have been even worse had Apple not expelled a iPhone X – a device that during slightest looked opposite to a predecessors, even if it too conformed to a stream minimalistic cultured trend.

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A revamped iPhone X helped safeguard Apple knowledge a smaller decrease than many of a rivals

“Hardware is always a easiest thing to sell – if it looks opposite we get consumers attention, and afterwards we build from there,” pronounced Carolina Milanesi, a consumer record researcher during Creative Strategies.

“Trying to get someone into a store for something that looks a same as final year is difficult, even if it has new things to offer.”

She total that emporium workers mostly struggled to explain new synthetic comprehension and cloud-based facilities, while many consumers had valid questionable of a remoteness implications.

Return of a flip

That’s not to contend there aren’t some companies attempting something out of a ordinary.

UK-based Bullit Group – that formerly designed a Kodak-branded phone whose behind resembled a compress camera – has a new imperishable CAT phone with a smell sensor, and is also earnest to betray a Land Rover-inspired handset during this year’s MWC.

Movie camera-maker Red is building a Hydrogen One for after in a year. The phone promises a new form of “holographic display” and is dictated to have a accumulation of camera-based modules trustworthy to a back.

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The W2018 flip-phone is being marketed as an a oppulance object in China

And Samsung itself recently launched a complicated take on a flip-phone, in China – a W2018 – with screens on both a inside and outward as good as a earthy dial-pad.

It is, however, approaching to cost upwards of $3,000 (£2,140) – an particular look, it seems, can consequence an unusual price.

MWC news eventuality timetable:

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Sunday 25 February

  • Huawei – 14:00 internal time (13:00 GMT)
  • Nokia/HMD Global – 16:00 internal time (15:00 GMT)
  • Samsung – 18:00 internal time (17:00 GMT)

Monday 26 February

  • Sony – 08:30 internal time (07:30 GMT)

Tuesday 27 February

  • Asus – 19:30 internal time (18:30 GMT)