Whoa! Watch Minnesota Senator Al Franken Blast Donald Trump In Takedown Of Failed Administration!

Every unaccompanied week that Donald Trump has been President has finished for a crazy, unpredictable, off-the-cuff week — yet a final few weeks competence really competence take a cake.

Nuclear quarrel threats with North Korea, a catastrophic response to blatant racism to Charlottesville (and thereafter an purposeful expose of support for racists), the expulsion of frequency argumentative advisor Steve Bannon… Trump’s administration is floundering!!!

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And so Senator Al Franken (D-MN) didn’t reason behind in gift a takedown of Trump given of all this on Real Time with society Bill Maher final night!

Ch-ch-check out a full fragment (above), and don’t skip out on a pivotal prove of it all: Senators Democrat and Republican comparison are starting to work together behind Trump’s behind to actually, we know, accomplish things!

Wouldn’t that be a day…

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