Who was K L Saigal?

K L Saigal images K L Saigal images K L Saigal was innate on Apr 11, 1904.

It is a 114th birth anniversary of song conductor K. L. Saigal. Born as Kundanlal Saigal on Apr 11, 1904 in Jammu, a thespian became a initial Indian superstar. He lived in a epoch when a film attention of India was formed in Kolkata. He gave song lovers melodies like “Jab Dil Hi Toot Gaya”, “Bangla Bane Nyara”, “Hum Apna Unhe Bana Na Sake”, “Do Naina Matwale Tihare”, “Main Kya Janoon Kya Jadu”, “Babul Mora” and “Katibe Taqdeer’ among others. In his some-more than a decade-long career, Saigal acted in some-more than 36 films, 28 in Hindi, 7 in Bengali, and one in Tamil and sang around 185 songs including a brew of ghazals, films and non-films, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil and Persian.

But before embarking on a low-pitched journey, a remarkable thespian worked in a Indian railways and also worked as a salesman. His father Amarchand Saigal served in a justice of Raja of Jammu and Kashmir and mom Kesarbai Saigal was a eremite lady who was lustful of music. It was in a 1930s that Saigal was introduced to a song composer Raichand Boral who recognized a talent of a immature thespian and it was underneath his superintendence that Saigal gained inflection in ghazal singing. His voice gave countenance to a mislaid adore in soul-stirring ghazals like songs like “Premnagar mein bassaaoonga ghar main” and “Nuktacheen Hai Ghame Dil”.

It was R.C Boral usually who done him pointer a agreement with B N Sircar’s film studio New Theatres where he was paid Rs 200 per month to work on their films. Saigal’s initial film was an Urdu film Mohabbat Ke Ansoo (1932). Thereafter, he starred in several cinema like Subah Ke Sitare, Zinda Laash, Chandidas, Devdas and others. Devdas (1935), formed on Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay novel of a same name, was a actor-singer’s initial superhit film. It determined him as a gifted actor in a Indian film industry.

K.L. Saigal in Devdas K.L. Saigal in Devdas K.L. Saigal in 1935 film Devdas.

In 1935, Saigal married Asha Rani and had 3 children, one son and dual daughters. As a bottom of a film attention shifted from Calcutta to Bombay, Saigal also shifted bottom in 1941 and started operative with a Ranjit Movietone Company. Films like Bhakta Surdas, Tansen, Kurukshetra, Omar Khayyam, Tadbeer, Shahjahan and Parwana were combined to his filmography.

K.L. Saigal cinema K.L. Saigal cinema K.L. Saigal in a film My Sister.

Meanwhile, a actor-singer resorted to ethanol before singing and his alcoholism started holding a fee on his health. The distinguished artist died during an early age of 42 in 1947 though became an impulse for other remarkable singers like Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar and Mohammad Rafi.

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