Who Is The Night King? Everything You Need To Know About This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Character

The Night King will be behind on a Aug. 20 partial of ‘Game of Thrones.’ Before NK goes head-to-head with Jon Snow and his squad, here are a 5 vicious things we need to remember.


1. The Night King is one of a many comprehensive characters on a show. The Night King is a celebrity and a initial of a White Walkers. Winter has arrived on Game of Thrones and a Night King is prepared to strike. Early on in mellow 7, a Night King was seen streamer his army of White Walkers and wights towards The Wall, that is a customarily thing that separates a White Walkers from all of Westeros. After warging into a organisation of ravens, Bran Stark saw a Night King and his army stealing closer and closer to The Wall. Jon Snow has been involved about shaping his army for a genuine argue ahead, a one conflicting a Night King. He’s been trying to drive Daenerys all mellow enlarged that a jeopardy of a Night King and White Walkers is many some-more vicious than her argue for a Iron Throne.


2. The Children of a Forest helped emanate a Night King. In mellow 6, fans scholastic how a Night King was made. The Night King was one of a First Men, who were a initial humans in Westeros. After capturing a First Man, one of a Children of a Forest, Leaf, took a dragonglass dagger and plunged it into his chest. The man’s eyes incited blue and he became a initial White Walker. Leaf told Bran that a Children of a Forest total a White Walkers to titillate themselves when they were during argue with a First Men.

3. Bran has met a Night King. Back in mellow 6, Bran had a terrifying vision. He walked by an army of a undead and came face-to-face with a Night King. The Night King reached out and impressed Bran. The Night King’s reason remarkable Bran on his arm.

4. There’s a crazy fan conjecture that claims BRAN is a Night King. Reddit user turm0il26 proposes that Bran will try to ride behind in time to advise everybody of a White Walkers, nonetheless he will fail. The initial time he attempts this, he will means a “Mad King” to go mad. The second time, he goes offer behind and builds The Wall as Bran a Builder. The third time, Bran will go behind to when a Night King was created. He will “warg into a tellurian that after is going to spin a Night King (or maybe even try to kill a Children of a Forest). He wargs into him to instead stop a “dragonglass into a heart” eventuality from duty (or maybe in his try to kill a Children, he gets comparison as a vessel for a NK).” Bran will try to go behind to a donation day, nonetheless he won’t be means to “because he’s too low into a past and stayed too long” and will finish adult suitable a Night King. “With a mixed of a Children’s incantation and Bran’s power, he becomes a cad instead of a favourite he attempted to be…” a fan writes. Pretty wild, right?

5. The Night King technically isn’t in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice Fire series. The Night King has not been introduced in George’s array of books yet. But there is a Night’s King, who is mentioned in a books. The Night’s King was a Lord Commander of a Night’s Watch during a surpassing days. He after pennyless his Night’s Watch vows and fell in venerate with a lady “with skin as white as a moon and eyes like blue stars.” The Night King competence be loosely inspected off a Night’s King.


Game of Thrones front Sundays during 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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