Who *Doesn’t* Mariah Carey Blame For Her Disastrous NYE Performance??

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Mariah Carey is *still* not over that annoying NYE performance!

In a new talk with Rolling Stone, a 46-year-old is “blaming everyone” — including herself! (kinda) — for how that prohibited disaster all went down.

The songstress explained:

“It was a mess, and we censure everybody. And we censure myself for not withdrawal after rehearsal.”

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We’re not certain she *actually* thinks it was partially her fault, though, as a We Belong Together thespian went on:

“I used to get dissapoint by things. This was out of my control, and had all not been such a sum pell-mell mess, afterwards we would have been means to make something happen. Even a dancers should have stopped dancing and helped me off a fucking stage. I’m sorry.”

Now that it’s been two months given a fiasco, Miz Carey combined that she’s prepared to pierce on — since some people will only never understand:

“I don’t even wish to move this adult too much, though whatever, we’re apparently articulate about it, a New Year’s Eve conditions — that couldn’t be helped. It’s only something where if we can’t explain it to a whole world, afterwards they’re not going to know it, since it’s not what they do. Just like we wouldn’t know somebody who had a table pursuit and how to do that. we couldn’t.”

We don’t consider it’s that tough to understand, though whatever we say, MiMi!

What do U consider of this explanation?? Can we stop articulate about this already? SOUND OFF in a comments!

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