Whiten Your Teeth On A Budget: Our Top Tips On How To Whiten Teeth, Remove Stains & Brighten Your Smile

  • By Kim West , Senior Beauty Editor
  • Apr 27, 2015 11:44 AM EDT

Amber Rose

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No matter what a Pantone tinge of a year is, there’s one shade that will always be in use — pristine, eager white. It’s definitely a preferred tinge for teeth, yet we don’t always come by pearly whites naturally.  

Have we been checking out Instagram newly and observant a lot of your favorite celebs posting pics about their favorite teeth-whitening products?


Kim Kardashian


Well, customarily given your pockets aren’t as low as a red-carpet star doesn’t meant we can’t have your teeth radiate as superb as one. For those looking to scrupulous adult their laugh for spring, here are a confederate of essential reminders for stealing those pearly whites ready.

Even those who are genetically consecrated in a laugh chapter eventually bob to age-related yellowing and lifestyle-related staining. So here are a few easy steps, vast and small, that can assistance give we your brightest laugh ever – and all while on a budget!

Change your toothbrush. It competence seem simple, yet a toothbrush that is past a primary (i.e., comparison than 3 months) has misplaced a ability to effectively “exfoliate” or disturb buildup that can low teeth.


Jennifer Hudson


Eat your vegetables and fruits. This is so constant generally of hard, crunchy proposal ones like apples and carrots. The act of snapping produces saliva, that counteracts virus buildup.

Avoid “colorful” food and drinks. Coffee, tea, red wine, soda, soy sauce, even blueberries can low teeth. But given rupturing out these offenders totally is a high order, White Glo also creates an innovative Coffee Tea Drinkers Formula that not customarily removes aged stains yet protects conflicting destiny ones with a disdainful gloss “shield.”

Stay tuned for some-more teeth whitening tips!



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