White House jumping think has a message

Man Who Scaled White House Fence on Thanksgiving Left Suicide Note

A counsel for Joseph Caputo, a flag-draped 23-year-old accused of scaling a White House fence on Thanksgiving, told NBC News Sunday that his customer was a “politically-conscious immature man” who was simply perplexing to “deliver a message.”

It was a message, pronounced a lawyer, Stephan Seeger, that “addresses a issues of education, a judiciary, a authorised system. It’s a essay we think was earmarked for a supervision to see.”

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Court papers have settled that Caputo left a self-murder note, yet Seeger pronounced that “couldn’t be serve from a truth.” Caputo’s words, he said, had been mischaracterized.

“Joe wanted to let his family know that if something did happen, there was a operation of possibilities,” Seeger said. “One probability would be that he’d be arrested. He used some difference that were construed as he would be harmed. He had no goal of holding his possess life.”

Seeger concurred that Caputo’s “manner of delivery” might have been “alarming,” yet he attributed that alarm to a “climate of fear.”

“If someone does something unorthodox, it’s automatically a threat,” he said.

Caputo, who was taken into control by a Secret Service, was undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.

Seeger pronounced Caputo has a story of Asperger’s Syndrome (a condition on a amiable side of a autism spectrum) that he has “battled sincerely successfully,” — yet it was misleading if it had played any purpose in his preference to burst a fence.

The occurrence comes amid heightened confidence measures after an Army maestro pleaded guilty to scaling a White House blockade with a folding blade final year.

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