Whatever Happened To Steve From Blue’s Clues? Well, He Is Writing Songs About Pooping Now

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Who could ever forget Blue’s Clues, one of a biggest children’s interactive TV shows of all time?!

Steve Burns, who was Steve on a uncover for so many years before it finished a run a decade ago, is perpetually synonymous with a show, that noted shirt, a darned blue dog… that uncover was a phenomenon, OK?? LOLz!!

But now, Mr. Burns has a code new project, and he’s teaming adult with another Steve — Steven Drozd of a Flaming Lips, as a matter of fact — on a new set of children’s music!!!

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That’s right! If we grew adult on Steve from Blue’s Clues, and we were anticipating your possess kids could one day do a same, here’s we chance!!!

Speaking in a new talk with TMZ, Burns explained a small bit some-more about his new project, that is called Steve-n-steveN and is fundamentally right now usually a YouTube channel with a few tunes.

But seriously, LOOK AT THESE TUNES (below) starting with a many recently expelled vid about facts:

Ha! Love it!!

How about this one about a final enchanting unicorn (below):


And of course, a best and many noted video was their initial — and a one that’s gotten them a many courtesy — about how to poop (below):

A song video about pooping, brought to we by a male who was Steve in Blue’s Clues.


What do U consider of these vids, Perezcious readers?!

At slightest Steve’s relations (lack of?) hair doesn’t matter in this case, right? It’s usually kind of out there already… ha!!

Anyways, watch Burns’ TMZ talk HERE.

And give a male a small credit — not usually are a songs flattering good done, as we can see in a apart plan (below), he’s an engaging and amiable guy:

Keep singin’ about poop, Steve!

[Image around YouTube.]

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